Opportunities for Local Food Vendors

Caulipower food truck parked at a park during a Summer Free For All event
Summer Free For All seeks local food vendors from the Portland metropolitan area!
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What is Summer Free For All Cultural Events?

Each summer, Summer Free For All (SFFA) Cultural Events offers free concerts, outdoor movie nights, and other cultural events that include dance, theater, comedy, spoken word, mini-festivals, community gatherings, and much more. All SFFA events are community-focused and produced in collaboration with community groups, artists, nonprofits, and culturally-specific groups.

What’s It Like At An Event?


Depending on the event, our audiences range from 300-2000 people onsite. We will provide you with an estimated attendance # well in advance of the event.

Time of Service

Although our events vary in start/end time, a three-hour service time between the hours of 5:00pm-9:00pm is typical.

Number of Vendors

Events have 1-4 food vendors onsite, depending on the expected audience. To provide the best opportunity for each vendor, we balance the needs of each event with the number of food vendors onsite.

What Does Summer Free For All Provide?

  • Vending Area
    • Most parks can accommodate large setups/food trucks. However, if your footprint will be larger than 20’x20’, please contact SFFA.
  • Park permits
  • Noise variances
  • Portable restrooms
  • No vending fees

What Does My Business Need To Provide?

  • Proof of current “Mobile Unit” or “Temporary Restaurant Operator” license
  • Power source
    • Electricity is not provided. For generator power, a “whisper”/quiet generator is required.
  • Water source
  • Trash receptacle(s) and trash disposal
  • Wastewater disposal
  • Compliance with all current city, county, and state health department regulations

Insurance Requirements

For all onsite food vendors, a Certificate of Liability Insurance naming Portland Parks & Recreation/Summer Free For All as an additional insured will be required. We are happy to work directly with your insurance company to obtain this information. Specific insurance requirements will be provided upon acceptance.

If you have questions about insurance requirements before submitting your information, please get in touch.

Health Department Licensing and Inspections


Specific licenses are required to serve food to the general public at special events. Existing mobile food carts have separate requirements from non-mobile businesses seeking to set up a tent/table and serve food (known as “Temporary Restaurant Operators”). Please make yourself familiar with the different types of licenses at Multnomah County’s Inspections and Licensing website. You will be required to provide a copy of your license before arriving onsite at an event.


The Multnomah County Health Department regularly sends health inspectors to each of our events. As such, it’s a requirement that your licensing is current, and you are in compliance with all health department regulations.

Submission Timelines

  • March 2024: Consideration of food vendors begins for the 2024 season
  • May 2024: Estimated notification date for accepted food vendors

How to Submit

If you are ready to be considered for the Summer Free For All program, please submit your information to the Summer Free For All Cultural Events-Food Vendor List.

This is not an application. By completing this form, you will become part of our food vendor list. We use this list to match food vendors with the requests of our community partners and to meet the overall mission, goals, and priorities of SFFA and Portland Parks & Recreation.

Summer Free For All Cultural Events-Food Vendor List

If you need help completing the form or have additional questions, please contact us at sffa@portlandoregon.gov


  • I’ve filled out this form in the past. Do I need to fill it out again?
    • If you have filled at this form in the past, you do not need to fill it our again. We have your information on file.
  • I’ve filled out the form in the past for one of my businesses. But I have a new/different business. Do I need to complete the form?
    • Yes! Each of your businesses should have their own separate entry.
  • What if I need to update or change information that I’ve submitted in the past?
    • If you’d like to update your information, please contact sffa@portlandoregon.gov. We can update information on our end.
  • Are there other opportunities to serve food with Portland Parks and Recreation besides Summer Free For All?
    • Food vendors may be considered for park grand openings, annual celebrations, cultural special events, and other Parks events.

Join Our Food Vendor Mailing List

If you are a food vendor that’s not ready to apply this year and/or you’re a group that just wants to stay up to date on the opportunities available for local food vendors, join our mailing list!

Summer Free For All Cultural Events - Food Vendor Mailing List