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Argay Park


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Argay Neighborhood Association

This park has been "adopted" by the Argay Neighborhood Association.

Volunteer at Argay Park

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Tennis Court Rerestoration

Argay Park's tennis courts were unusable for many years due to their deteriorated condition.  Thanks to the passage of the Parks Replacement Bond, funds became available to restore all four existing tennis courts. 

Improvements include:

  • Corrected ADA accessibility deficiencies in pathway from NE 141st Avenue to the courts.
  • Rebuilt the playing surface to eliminate cracking and differential settlement.
  • Removed some of the invasive English holly trees on west side of the courts. Holly trees are on the City's nuisance tree list , and the trees at Argay Park blocked sight lines from the street creating security concerns.  Read more about English holly here
  • Replaced all fencing, nets, and the stanchions.
  • Replaced drinking fountain.
  • Replaced wood planking on the existing benches.
  • Installed stormwater facility to address stormwater run-off from courts.
  • Upgraded lighting.

Based on community input from Argay neighbors, PP&R kept four of the holly trees - two green and two variegated - to preserve the history of the site and neighborhood.

  • Three shade trees (Betula pendula - European white birch) identified as dying by the City's Arborist with Urban Forestry were removed.
  • All but four of the holly trees were removed.
  • 14 new trees were planted as replacements: six Green Vase Zelkova, six Douglas Fir, and two Shumard Red Oak
  • The trees were removed after August 1 to avoid bird nesting season.

Project Schedule:

  • Winter 2016 - Summer 2016 - Design Development
  • Fall 2016 - Spring 2017 - Permitting and Bidding
  • Summer 2017 - Fall 2017 - Construction
  • October 17, 2017 - Opening Celebration

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In 2017, Argay Park’s tennis court was fully renovated with funding from the 2014 Parks Replacement Bond. Improvements included: ADA accessibility on the pathway from NE 141st Avenue to the tennis courts; rebuilt playing surface to eliminate cracking and differential settlement; replacement of fencing, nets, drinking fountain, wood planking on benches, and the stanchions; installment of stormwater facility to address runoff; and upgraded lighting.

Park Location or Entrance

Argay Park main entrance
NE 141st Avenue and Failing Street
Portland, OR 97230

Open hours

Park hours: 5:00am-midnight. No parking on park side of street after 10:00pm. To reserve a sports field, call 503-823-2525.

Park amenities/activities

Accessible Play Area
Basketball Court
Dog Off-leash Area
Paths (Paved)
Paths (Unpaved)
Picnic Table
Soccer Field
Softball Field
Tennis Backboard
Tennis Court (Lighted)

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