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Inclusion Services

Group of summer camp participants with counselors and Inclusion Assistants
Inclusion Services provides meaningful access to people living with disabilities. The program aims to provide every individual access to all PP&R registered classes and activities that are within their age group. Each support plan is established on an individual basis.
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Inclusion Services Highlights

  • All individuals are invited to participant in all recreation programming.
  • Inclusion Services works with Parks staff and registered participant(s) to develop support plans for meaningful access,
  • Services can be requested for all Parks & Recreation registered programs. If you are unsure what to register for, contact the Inclusion team at 503-307-4131. We can give you some things to consider when choosing a class or facility for your activity.
  • PP&R’s Adaptive Recreation Program (AIR) is available at the request of the community members.
  • Requesting Inclusion Services is a decision of the participant or their caregiver(s), Recreation staff do not request or require the support of Inclusion Services
  • Each request for accommodations comes with a variety of components to consider, please be aware each request is handled on a case-by-case basis. 
  • To inquire about support or the Inclusion Services program, please contact the Coordinator at 503-307-4131.

Steps for Inclusion Services

  • Once registered, please complete an inclusion request form. Once Inclusion Services has received the completed request form, you will be contacted by the Coordinator who will establish a support plan for the participant. 
  • For registered classes and programs, the request for accommodations should be made a minimum of 10 business days prior to the start date of the class or program.  Requests made fewer than 10 days in advance should still be submitted and all efforts will be made to provide an accommodation in a timely manner.

Personal Care Policy

Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R) staff may provide personal care assistance for any registered participants ages five and under, only if the participant has a disability and requires assistance with personal care. Participants ages six and over are encouraged to bring their own personal assistant to the activity (must be 18 and older) at no charge to provide any necessary and unavoidable personal care.