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City Council gives green light to Portland Permitting & Development, officially creating new bureau

The City's new permitting bureau will officially launch July 1, with changes taking shape over the next 18 months.

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City announces name and structure for Portland’s new permitting bureau

Portland Permitting & Development will issue permits for a wide range of development projects, including construction, home improvements and tree work.

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Portland's $35 arts tax: payment due April 15th, marking a decade of support

This year marks a decade of the Arts Education and Access Fund, or "arts tax," which has raised more than $124 million since Portlanders said yes to the $35-per-year income tax - and yes to funding arts education for every public elementary school child in Portland.

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Portland secures $7.1 million in federal funding to advance priority projects

Investments include safety upgrades on Southeast 112th Avenue, affordable housing on Barbur Boulevard, police-worn body cameras, parks lighting and more.

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City Council Proclaims March 11 as National 311 Day in Portland

Portland City Council proclaimed March 11 as National 311 Day in Portland. This proclamation serves as an annual reminder of the significance of 311 as a resource for communities nationwide to connect with their city, county, and non-emergency services.

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Improving emergency response through citywide coordination

Every weather event is an opportunity for the City of Portland to identify needs, improve processes and strategize for a more resilient Portland.

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Dedicated team, community support help Portland weather a winter storm to start 2024

Public servants and volunteers cleared roads and trees, fielded record numbers of community calls, dispatched help and much more during a weeklong winter storm. Now, the thaw begins.

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10 exciting things coming to Portland this year (from your city government!)

As 2024 gets underway, Portlanders have a lot to look forward to. Here are 10 big things on tap in the Rose City – from street plazas to park improvements, from affordable homes to a transformational election.

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City Arts Program opens competitive bidding process for small grant administration services

The City of Portland is seeking proposals for public arts grant management and may award up to six contracts for the administration of $1.4 million annually in grants to individual artists and arts organizations. A pre-proposal meeting will be held on Jan. 9 and proposals are due Feb. 1, 2024.

Iconic elk statue will return to downtown Portland

The City's beloved Thompson Elk has been fully restored and safely stored since it was damaged during protests in 2020.

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City continues exploring performing arts facility possibilities, comprehensive options available for City leaders in the coming year

A recently developed Keller Auditorium renovation study was one step in the City’s effort to ensure the longevity of large-scale performing arts in Portland. Now, two proposers for a potential new performing arts facility look to refine their concepts: Lloyd Center and Portland State University.

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2023 workforce census reveals City of Portland employee demographics largely reflect the communities they serve

The City of Portland has released results from its first-ever Workforce Census, providing insight into employee demographics including race/ethnicity, sex, disability status, veteran status, gender identity, sexual orientation and languages used to communicate.

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City gears up to hear Keller Auditorium renovation ideas, progresses with five compelling proposals for potential new performing arts facility

This week, City Council is set to review a renovation proposal for Keller Auditorium, while five locations for a potential new performing arts facility, including Lloyd Center, Lloyd Superblock, Portland State University, OMSI and Zidell Yards, have been narrowed from an initial eight.

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City of Portland explores options for large-scale performance venue, including Keller Auditorium renovation and high-profile new sites

The City of Portland is one step closer to planning for the future of premier performing arts in Portland, as a renovation concept for Keller Auditorium nears completion and an open call for a future venue attracts proposals from Lloyd Center, Portland State University, OMSI and more.

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City releases 2022 Portland Insights Survey results, more than 5,000 Portlanders share thoughts on city services, policy and budget

Last fall, the City took an approach to learning Portlanders’ thoughts on City services, policy and budget decisions aiming to ensure that all Portlanders, including historically underserved communities, have a voice and representation in local government.

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City Council authorizes removing deed restriction at former Sears Armory, current property uses to continue

Portland City Council approved an emergency ordinance authorizing $3 million in ARPA funding for removal of the deed restriction at the Sears Armory site where the Multnomah Safe Rest Village is located.

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City embraces community-driven recommendations, receives grant to advance Portland Monuments Project

A significant investment by the Mellon Foundation enables the City of Portland to move forward with recommendations on an inclusive community engagement process and determine the future of Portland’s monuments.

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City releases Request for Expression of Interest for new performing arts facility

The City of Portland is exploring the availability of potential sites for a new performing arts venue. A Request for Expressions of Interest (RFEI) invites submissions by interest-holding parties for suitable properties by August 11, 2023.

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PDX 311 extends customer service hours to seven days a week

Beginning July 1, PDX 311’s customer service team will be available by phone and email from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day, except federal holidays. Community members can reach PDX 311 by calling 3-1-1 or (503) 823-4000.

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City of Portland announces interim Chief Financial Officer

Thomas Lannom will serve as the City’s interim Chief Financial Officer beginning July 1, 2023, following Chief Financial Officer Michelle Kirby’s retirement from a 32-year career in public service.

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