Lloyd Enhanced Service District

The Lloyd District is one of three enhanced service districts in Portland, where property owners fund enhanced services such as trash cleanup, graffiti removal and business development.
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In 2001, property owners within the Lloyd neighborhood banded together to address the needs of the community by creating the Lloyd Enhanced Service District. This Enhanced Service District (ESD) is meant to augment the City services within the District and is funded through license fees paid by the property owners. The Lloyd ESD and the associated license fees have continued to be supported by the property owners to date.

Over the past 22 years, the Lloyd ESD created and funded the first designated EcoDistrict in Portland, rallied the community to bring the Portland Streetcar to the Eastside, and assisted in the development and funding of the Earl Blumenauer Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge. More recently, the Lloyd ESD has been providing the DIstrict with valuable services, including:

  • Funding the Transportation Management Association known as Go Lloyd, which supports transportation options for the District
  • Funding the Lloyd EcoDistrict which supports the District through placemaking and community building
  • Funding the Lloyd Community Association which promotes the Lloyd District as a desirable place to live and visit
  • Maintaining the Holladay Street greenspace, enhancing the beauty along a major corridor in the District
  • Funding the non-profit Right 2 Dream Too rest area, supporting temporary accommodations for those experiencing houselessness
  • Cleaning services with ambassadorial duties, that will remove trash, needles, biohazards, and discarded furniture from the public rights-of-way (*proposed to begin in 2024)

Lloyd ESD Contract Renewal

The Lloyd Enhanced Service District (ESD), established in 2001, has 77 ratepayers. The district’s most recent sunset renewal occurred in January 2024. The Lloyd District is managed in partnership with Lloyd ESD.

Nov. 2023 Lloyd ESD Survey

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