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The Portland Hearings Office conducts impartial administrative hearings regarding the licensure and regulation of homes under the Multnomah County Adult Care Home Program.
File an appeal with the Hearings Office to challenge an administrative decision made by the City of Portland. Some examples of the types of cases include: park exclusions, private for-hire permit denial/suspension or civil penalties, and water/sewer billing.
Only a city employee may request a Code Enforcement Hearing.
If you are a city employee, navigate to our online Case Management System to log in and request a hearing. For members of the public trying to access a case that has already been filed, contact the Hearings Office for login assistance.
Search our archive for audio recordings of hearings.
The Hearings Officer holds public hearings on Type III land use cases and appeals of Type II and Type IIx land use decisions as designated by the Portland Zoning Code (Title 33).
The City's Hearings Office is authorized to review City ordered towed vehicles. The Hearings Office reviews tows initiated ONLY by the following Bureaus: Portland Bureau of Transportation, Portland Police Bureau, and Portland Parks Bureau.

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