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Request a Tow Hearing

The City's Hearings Office is authorized to review City and Port of Portland ordered towed vehicles. The Hearings Office reviews tows initiated by the following City Bureaus: Portland Bureau of Transportation, Portland Police Bureau, and Portland Parks Bureau.

This form may take approximately 15 to 30 minutes.

Use our Online Case Management System for Filing a Tow Appeal

File a tow appeal online

How To Create a New User Account

How to File a Tow Appeal Hearing Request

If you experience difficulty filing an appeal through the online case management system, you may use the fillable form below:

Note: when we enter your information from the PDF into the system, the system will send to you an email from the following address: 

Check your junk/spam folder for this email notification. The Notice of Hearing (date/time/location of hearing) will be sent by the system to the email address you provided unless you complete the Opt-Out form. The system email address is unable to receive incoming emails. For all inquiries or emails, please contact the Hearings Office Clerks.

Late Requests (More than 10 calendar days after the vehicle was towed)

Requests received in the Hearings Office more than 10 calendar days after the vehicle was towed must also show good cause for why the request is late. When filing through the online case management system, fill out the late request portion. When submitting a Tow Hearing Request Form, fill out Section B. 

The Hearings Officer will review the request and determine if there is good cause for the late request. If the Hearings Officer finds good cause for the late request, a hearing will be scheduled.

Opt Out Form 

If you want to receive notification via U.S. Postal Mail instead of email, you are required to submit the Opt Out Form with your Tow Hearing Request Form.

Statement of Rights and Procedures

Request to Reschedule

All requests to reschedule must be submitted through the online case management system and received by the Hearings Office at least 48 hours prior to the start of the hearing (not including weekends and City of Portland holidays). If the vehicle is still in storage (still at the tow company), then the request to reschedule should be submitted as soon as possible. Sending an email is insufficient. If you have trouble using the online case management system’s reschedule feature, feel free to contact the Hearings Office Clerks for assistance or to request a PDF of the Request to Reschedule Form. The Hearings Officer will determine if the hearing will be rescheduled.

For vehicles still in storage: If the Hearings Officer grants the request to reschedule, the Appellant (person who requested the hearing) is responsible for all storage costs after the date and time of the originally scheduled hearing, even if the Appellant prevails (wins) at the hearing. 

Online Case Management System

Relevant City Code Sections Relating to Tows

Title 16 is the City Code that relates to towed vehicles. 

Title 16 Vehicles and Traffic

Chapter 16.10 Administrative Provisions

Chapter 16.20 Public Right-of-Way Parking

Chapter 16.30 Towing & Disposition of Vehicles

Chapter 16.35 Designated Parking Management Plan District

Chapter 16.90 Definitions

Tow Hearings Officer's Administrative Rules

These administrative rules apply to tow hearings.

ADM-9.03 Tow Appeal Hearing Rules and Regulations Before the Hearings Officer

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