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Land Use Hearings

The Hearings Officer holds public hearings on Type III land use cases and appeals of Type II and Type IIx land use decisions as designated by the Portland Zoning Code (Title 33).

Time varies by case.

City Code Regulations:

All land use reviews must meet the relevant approval criteria. Title 33 outlines the criteria for each land use application type.

Title 33 Planning and Zoning

Administrative Rules:

These are the administrative procedures that the Hearings Office follows for land use reviews.

ADM-9.02 Land Use Reviews

Bureau of Development Services Information

The Bureau of Development Services (BDS), a separate entity from the Hearings Office, receives the applications for land use reviews. BDS planners make Administrative Decisions on Type II or Type IIx applications (which can then be heard on appeal by the Hearings Officer). For Type III applications, the BDS planner makes a recommendation to the Hearings Officer and also provides an overview of the case and approval criteria at the public hearing. 

For more information on BDS land use, please visit their webpage: https://www.portland.gov/bds/zoning-land-use