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Charter Commission Training: Equity and Anti-Racism in Action

Public Meeting
6:00 pm 8:30 pm
Available Online

Meeting presentation 

Meeting minutes

Members of the City of Portland Charter Commission will participate in a training where they will learn to describe the City's equity and intersectional anti-racist framework, identify strategies to disrupt systems of racial oppression, and apply a root-cause equity analysis to decision-making and policy development.

6 p.m.- Introduction and Group Agreements

6:10- City’s values, approach, and tools to institutionalizing equity and anti-racism

6:40- Individual and systemic barriers and strategies to advancing equity and anti-racism

7:30- Break

7:45- Developing skills to implementing anti-racist intersectional analysis:

  • How could implicit bias impact the way I think or make decisions about this issue?
  • What are the potential negative impacts on Black people, Indigenous people, people with disabilities, immigrants, and refugees, and other People of Color?
  • How can harm be addressed in an institutional (policies, practices, and procedures) and individual level?

8:15- Questions, Resources & Training Evaluation