Charter Commission August 2022 Update


Charter Commission August 2022 Update

Dear Community Member, 

The Charter Commission has been busy making progress in charter review! So, what's happened?

Phase I 

Court ruling on phase I proposal 

Yesterday, Multnomah Circuit Court Judge Stephen Bushong ruled that the Commission’s proposal to change Portland’s structure of government can go to voters as a single package this November, with revised ballot title language. Judge Bushong ruled against a challenge that could have prevented the proposal from going to the ballot as a package. The judge agreed with a separate legal challenge to the ballot language, saying that the ballot title and explanatory statement could be clearer, simpler and more understandable.

The revised ballot title caption and question will read as follows:

Amends Charter: Changes Portland’s government structure and process for electing city officials

Should Administrator manage city government, 12-member Council (three from each district) make laws, voters elect officials using ranked choice process?

Learn about phase I proposal

The Charter Commission’s Community Engagement Subcommittee and staff have been working on creating various educational materials to educate Portlanders on the proposed changes that will strengthen our local government and democracy. Check out this educational comic to learn more about the proposed changes and don’t forget to share with family and friends!

Phase II

New issue areas identified

In our last email update, we shared that the Charter Commission began phase II and established three subcommittees. The Commission chose three topic areas: climate and environmental justice, bureau and office proposals, and expansion of voting rights. The subcommittees are meeting, researching their topics, reading public input, and setting their work plans and timelines

Get involved

The Subcommittees would love to hear your thoughts on these issues, don’t forget to submit written public comment through our public comment form or via email to or by signing up to give public testimony at our next full Commission meeting on August 30.

You can also listen in to our upcoming subcommittee meetings:


Sofía Álvarez-Castro

Charter Commission Engagement & Communications Coordinator