Climate & Environmental Justice Listening Session

Charter Commission Climate & Environmental Justice Listening Session
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Climate & Environmental Justice Community Listening Session

The Charter Commission hosted a virtual Community Listening Session on climate & environmental justice.

As part of the Climate and Environmental Justice Community Listening Session, participants got the opportunity to listen to an educational presentation on the charter review process, the work done in Phase II, and Climate and Environmental Justice. Afterward, participants joined small breakout groups to discuss folks' lived experience with the climate crisis and suggestions for ways the City can better address climate and environmental justice issues.

Listening Session Agenda

5 minutes​Welcome & Zoom overview​
25 minutes ​Educational presentation​
  • Charter 101 (5 mins)​
  • Phase II overview (5)​
  • Climate & Environmental Justice (13 mins)​
  • Closing (2 mins)​
5 minutes​Transition break​
40 minutes​Small group discussion​
10 minutes​Discussion report back​
5 minutes​Closing​


Sofía Álvarez-Castro

Charter Commission Engagement & Communications Coordinator

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