Order Printing and Distribution Services

Enter the Printing Services Portal to create an electronic service request (eSR) and submit to P&D. Customers are encouraged to email, call, or stop by the P&D customer service desk to discuss orders and learn more about P&D services.

15-30 minutes

Welcome to Printing and Distribution's (P&D) electronic Service Request page (eSR).

P&D's eSR is how we prefer our partners to create orders for Printing and Distribution Services; using eSR creates an electronic history of your order that enables us and you to accurately submit your order, track any changes or corrections, and finally report to you when your finished product, or service is ready.

If you have questions, or need assistance using eSR, or if you don't understand something about how to build your order, we want you to feel free to contact one of P&D's Customer Service Representatives by emailing pnd.customerservice@portlandoregon.gov or phone call 503-823-4448.

If this is the first time you've used P&Ds eSR, we suggest you first read the New User Help Pages which will assist you in understanding some of the more unique elements of eSR.

New User Help Pages

There are two sections of eSR, the first is only available to City of Portland Bureaus and their employees who are using a computer on the City of Portland's internal network, this would include remote workers using the City of Portland's approved VPN solution.

City Employees P&D eSR

The other section is for State of Oregon, Multnomah County, Metro, and other outside partner agencies.

Outside agency P&D eSR

If you have never used eSR, or if you've forgotten your Username or Password you will need to follow one of these links.

Request a new P&D eSR account.

Forgotten Username and/or Password