Interoffice Mail and Delivery guidlines

Guidelines for using the Interoffice Mail, including valid destinations, and accurate addressing, and packaging suggestion

15-30 minutes


Bld #NameAddress
21Emergency Coordination Center9911 SE BUSH
100Park Rangers7214 N PHILADELPHIA ST
106Portland Building1120 SW 5TH
108Congress Center1001 SW 5TH
113Pioneer Tower888 SW 5TH AVE 4TH FL
114Gulids Lake Facility2615 NW INDUSTRIAL ST
117Materials Testing Lab1405 N RIVER
119Justice Center/Central Precinct1111 SW 2ND
122Columbia Square111 SW COLUMBIA
124Printing & Distribution124 SW MADISON
131City Hall1221 SW 4TH
139Fire Station 155 SW ASH 3RD FL
143Fleet Interstate Garage1221 SW 1ST AVE
151SW Community Center6820 SW 45TH AVE
171Parks Maintenance‐ Portland Center2448 SW CARTER
190Hoyt Arboretum4000 SW FAIRVIEW BLVD
217Water Pollution Control Lab6543 N BURLINGTON
224City Archives and Records Center1800 SW 6TH AVE STE 550
236Harrison Square ‐ FPDR1800 SW 1ST SUITE 250
249Charles Jordan Community Center9009 N FOSS AVE
280Multnomah Arts Center7688 SW CAPITOL HWY
289Carnegie Annex2909 SW 2ND AVE
2991900 Building1900 SW 4TH AVE
300Water Engineering2010 N INTERSTATE
310Wastewater Treatment Plant5001 N COLUMBIA BLVD
316PBOT Maintenance2929 N KERBY
320Interstate Water664 N TILLAMOOK
330Water Operations Building2010 N INTERSTATE
343Fleet Kerby Garage2835 N KERBY AVE
348Headworks50105 E BULL RUN RD
350Matt Dishman Community Center77 NE KNOTT
362Sandy River Station10991 SE LUSTED RD
364Lusted Hill6704 SE COTTRELL RD
370Delta Park Community Center10910 N DENVER
380Columbia Park Community Center10850 N DENVER
390Peninsula Park Community Center6400 N ALBINA
404East Portland Community Center740 SE 106TH AVE
416Parks Operations6437 SE DIVISION
445Mt Scott Community Center5530 SE 72ND AVE
460SE District Parks Maintenance8931 SE FLAVEL ST
472Fire Marshal's Office1300 SE GIDEON
716Portland Tennis Center324 NE 12TH AVE
750Prosper Portland220 NW 2ND AVE
780Vanport Building1810 SW 5TH AVE
907Street Car Maintenance Facility1516 NW NORTHRUP ST
911BOEC/COM3732 SE 99TH

106 (Portland building)
114                                                      CIVIC LIFE
405/OCT *                                          OFFICE OF COMMUNITY TECHNOLOGY
405/WATER *                                     WATER BUREAU
554                                                      WATER BUREAU ADM
613                                                      BES
765                                                      BES
858                                                      PARKS
901                                                      OMF CAO/ BUSINESS OPS
987                                                      BHR
1010                                                    CITY BUDGET OFFICE
1040/CENTRAL ACCT‐A/P *             CENTRAL ACCT‐A/P
1040/RISK *                                       RISK
1040/PROCUREMENT *                   PROCUREMENT
1111                                                   BTS
1204                                                   FACILITIES/DAM
1213                                                   PBOT
1331                                                   PBOT
1414                                                   PBOT

131 (City Hall)
130                                                      INDEPENDENT POLICE REVIEW
140                                                      CITY AUDITOR
210                                                      COMMISSIONER MAPPS
220                                                      COMMISSIONER RUBIO
230                                                      COMMISSIONER GONZALEZ
240                                                      COMMISSIONER RYAN
310                                                      CITY AUDITOR
340                                                      MAYORS OFFICE
410                                                      GOVERNMENT RELATIONS
430                                                      CITY ATTORNEY

* Must include descriptor along with room/suite number on all mail. Interoffice mail that does not include this information will be considered incorrectly addressed and returned to sender.