BTS Organization and Principles

Our philosophical approach, and an introduction to the divisions within Technology Services.
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Our Mission

To deliver strategic leadership through effective, innovative, reliable and secure technology services for our stakeholders

Our Vision

Be the trusted and value-added technology partner

Our Values

Customer Service

  •          We promote a culture of excellent customer service
  •          We have timely, frequent, and clear communication with our stakeholders
  •          We operate collaboratively with our stakeholders


  •          We view our employees as our most valuable resources
  •          We invest in and support the professional development of our staff
  •          We foster an equitable and culturally competent environment


  •          We exercise our corporate responsibility to ensure technology decisions are made in the best interest of the City
  •          We follow business practices that respect the natural environment and further the City’s goals for sustainability
  •          We promote smart investments in the City’s technology resources


  •          We maintain transparency, honesty, and ethical behavior
  •          We are accountable for our actions


  •          We follow best practices to deliver value-added products and services
  •          We manage the City’s technology assets to deliver high reliability and security to our customers
  •          We measure and evaluate our effectiveness and commit to continuous improvement


  •          We encourage a variety of ideas and approaches
  •          We promote agility and strategic risk-taking

Our Diversity and Cultural Competence Commitment

BTS is committed at all levels to fostering a workforce reflective of our diverse community and incorporating cultural competence in how we work together to provide service:

  • Awareness & Sensitivity – We value awareness and sensitivity to cultural differences.

  • Equity & Inclusiveness – We value a respectful and inclusive work environment where all employees receive equitable treatment and opportunity.

  • Trust – We value a safe & supportive environment in order to foster a sense of trust and security.

  • Creativity & Empowerment – We value the creativity that comes from employees who are empowered to share diverse perspectives and experiences.

  • Representative/Reflective of Community – We value having a workforce that is reflective of our community to properly meet the needs of the public.

Our Director

Jeff Baer is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Director of the Bureau of Technology Services (BTS).

He has over 25 years of experience in progressively responsible government contracting, management, and senior leadership positions, 13 of those years with the City of Portland. Baer recently served as the manager of the Public Safety Systems Revitalization Program (PSSRP). He also held the position of the Director of the City’s Bureau of Internal Business Services, where he oversaw Portland’s CityFleet, Facilities Services, Printing & Distribution, Risk Management, and Procurement Services. As CTO, he reports directly to the City’s Chief Administrative Officer.

Our Divisions


The Administration program delivers efficient and effective ordering, storekeeping, budget development, and clerical services. Administration is responsible for executing streamlined processes to deliver timely and efficient order fulfillment of technology products; delivering consistent and effective clerical services in support of all bureau staff needs, bureau policy development, timekeeping, payroll, and personnel administration; maintaining effective inventory controls of technology equipment and software; and budget coordination with staff from OMF Business Operations. Administration also includes the Office of the Chief Technology Officer (CTO). The CTO plans, organizes, integrates and directs the organization, financial management, administration, personnel and operations of the bureau.

The Administration program supports the City goal to deliver efficient, effective, and accountable municipal services, as well as the OMF goal to maximize the cost-effective use of technology by setting citywide policy that governs the use of technology resources.

Performance measures for the Administration program focus on the speed with which customer orders are filled, as well the workload effectiveness of administrative staff. The performance of the Office of the CTO is measured through yearly OMF customer satisfaction surveys.

Business Solutions

The Business Solutions program develops and supports corporate-wide and bureau specific business applications and services; advances e-government and e-commerce initiatives that address internal and public needs; and manages strategic planning efforts. Key responsibilities are to provide citywide application development, implementation, and support; develop and maintain the BTS strategic plan and technology roadmap; engineer new technology solutions to meet customer business needs; and provide oversight for any outsourced application development and selection of all third-party applications and services.

The Business Solutions program supports the City goal to deliver efficient, effective, and accountable municipal services as well as the OMF goal to maximize the cost-effective use of technology through the development and delivery of innovative services which allow customers to meet their business objectives.

Performance of this program is measured through use of the City’s e-government (, and e-commerce platforms.


The Communications program maintains a robust public safety radio and emergency dispatch system, as well as large telecommunications, video surveillance and network environments. The responsibilities of Communications are to rapidly respond to and resolve all voice, radio, dispatch technology, and network support issues; effectively engineer and maintain the City's communications systems, and networks including the Integrated Regional Network Enterprise (IRNE) and Institutional Network (I-NET) serving government agencies throughout Multnomah County.

The Communications program supports the City goal to deliver efficient, effective, and accountable municipal services, as well as the OMF goal to maximize the cost-effective use of technology by supporting the City and regional mission-critical voice and data communications needs.

The Communications program is primarily focused on the reliability and availability of critical network and communications systems and services as well as the efficiency and effectiveness of the staff which support large quantities of technology equipment such as radios and telephones.

Customer Relations

Customer Relations works with BTS customers to identify business requirements in order to develop solutions and service level agreements aligned with their business needs. The responsibility of Customer Relations is to understand customer business needs and key challenges, gather customer business requirements to assist in the development of appropriate technology solutions, collaboratively develop technology work plans in concert with the yearly budget process, provide transparent and timely two-way communication and information sharing that builds strong partnerships between BTS and its customers, and provide ongoing management and revisions to the BTS Service Catalog and bureau specific Service Level Agreements.

Customer Relations supports the City goal to deliver efficient, effective, and accountable municipal services, as well as the OMF goal to maximize the cost effective use of technology by aligning customer business needs with appropriate technology solutions.

Performance is measured through yearly OMF customer satisfaction surveys.

Enterprise Business Solutions

The Enterprise Business Solution (EBS), a division of the City of Portland's Bureau of Technology Services (BTS), manages the SAP application for the City. SAP is an enterprise-wide software platform built around the City's business processes in finance, human resources, asset management, and other systems to manage vast amounts of data and day-to-day transactional operations. Our mission is to deliver and support innovative, integrated, cost-effective enterprise solutions to our City customers.

The EBS manager is Diana Allen. Under the manager's direction, EBS is responsible for maintaining all aspects of the SAP system and supporting bureau & central business processes, and the City's SAP users.

The Functional Groups (HCM & FILO) work on the SAP modules that keep the City’s financial, logistics, and human capital processes moving, direct and manage projects for new functionality, and implement changes to business processes. The EBS training team is responsible for providing direct support to the bureaus and end users through training, communications, and operational support.  The Technical Services group handles development, interfaces between SAP and other software, the CityLink portal, and system security.

Information Security

The role of Information Security is to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all City data and communications systems and assets. The responsibilities of this program are to develop and measure compliance with to information policies and procedures; to minimize risk through implementation of effective technical, administrative and physical security controls; and develop and maintain the BTS business continuity and disaster recovery plan.

Information Security supports the city goal to deliver efficient, effective, and accountable municipal services as well as the OMF goal to maximize the cost effective use of technology by employing appropriate safeguards required in order to properly protect the City’s information assets.

Performance is measured by the effectiveness of Information Security program in protecting the City’s technology environment from security threats.

Police Information Technology

Police IT supports effective application development and maintenance, and provides quality infrastructure and field support to the Police Bureau. The responsibilities of Police IT are to develop and maintain Police data applications and supporting systems, and rapidly respond to and resolve all Police field and infrastructure support requests.

The Police IT program supports the City goal to deliver efficient, effective, and accountable municipal services, as well as the OMF goal to maximize the cost effective use of technology by delivering dependable services and innovative solutions to the Portland Police Bureau.

Performance results of the Police IT program reflect the ability to maintain a reliable technology environment to meet the 24x7 mission critical needs of the Portland Police Bureau.

Production Services

Production Services effectively maintains the City's state of the art data center facilities; supports the City's server, email, storage and backup infrastructure; and effectively maintains the infrastructure of the City's mission critical technology systems (SAP, Cayenta, Synergen, Maximo, CAD, TRACS, PPDS and Email).

Production Services supports the City goal to deliver efficient, effective, and accountable municipal services, as well as the Office of Management and Finance goal to maximize the cost effective use of technology by maintaining a world class production technology environment.

Performance measures for the Production Services program focus on the reliability of the City's mission-critical production systems.

Project Management Office

The role of the Project Management Office (PMO) is to deliver effective and consistent bureau wide project management practices for all disciplines of technology services provided by each BTS program. The responsibilities of PMO are to implement consistent project management methodologies and approaches regardless of technology discipline or program, facilitate project oversight including priority and resource alignment across the organization, and facilitate effective technology governance to ensure BTS is working on the City’s highest priority technology initiatives.

The PMO supports the City goal to deliver efficient, effective, and accountable municipal services as well as the OMF goal to maximize the cost effective use of technology by delivering project management services modeled after industry standards and best practices.

Performance of this program is measured through direct customer survey feedback at the completion of projects, as well as the quantity of hours billed for project management service.

Support Center

The BTS Support Center’s mission is to provide secure, efficient and reliable technology solutions to customers City-wide, enabling them to better meet their business goals.  The Support Center is made of five teams, the BTS Service Desk, Desktop Support, Systems Engineering and Cellular Services, Technology Purchasing and Contract Support (TPCS), and Printing and Distribution (P&D).  A summary of the services provided by the Support Center include:   

  • Phone Support (Help Desk) and on-site support (Desktop) for the technical needs of endpoint devices for all City employees including desktops, laptops, mobile devices, printers, monitors, peripherals and tablets in 200 locations throughout the region. 
  • Create, maintain, and support network accounts for City employees.
  • Support and maintenance for core productivity software such as Office 365, BTS Ticketing Tool, Remote control solution, and many others. 
  • Security patching and compliance for end-point systems and software City-wide. 
  • Antivirus/Anti-Malware administration, maintenance and remediation for City systems. 
  • Technology product procurement for all City bureaus. 
  • Enterprise Mobility management for cellular devices and administration of the City’s cellular contracts, billing, and services. 
  • Life Cycle replacement of desktop hardware for City bureaus. 
  • Managing all reproduction, mail, distribution, and copy services required by city agencies.
  • External Printing and Distribution services