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Users of City property have an option to purchase Tenants User Liability Insurance Program (TULIP) through Intact Entertainment | Gather Guard. This insurance meets City requirements for liability and property damage, is cost effective, includes liquor liability as an option and covers most events.
Liability claims can be for personal injury, property damage or for damages or losses that involve a city vehicle. See the two options below and choose the correct form to file.

Claimant must submit a claim within 180 days of the incident.

Risk Management General Liability Information and Contact list
Information regarding how to report potholes, how to file and claim and how the city generally handles pothole claims.
Frequently Asked Questions about filing a claim against the City of Portland if you have experienced a loss due to city actions.
Risk Management services and schedules


Subrogation pursues parties who damage city property. We recover the cost of repairs, or take legal action for non-payment against parties at fault. We work with city bureaus to identify the costs, then engage the district attorney, insurance companies, and citizens to recover those costs.
Workers' Compensation contact information