Sustainable Procurement Reports and Case Studies

Learn more about sustainable procurement at the City from these sustainable procurement case studies, green spend metrics, and supply chain environmental impact data.
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Green Purchasing Case Studies

Sustainable procurement highlights from specific contracts or projects, including benefits achieved and lessons learned.

Archived case studies include: biogas-renewable energy, LED roadway lights, electric vehicles, retreaded tires, soy-based asphalt release agent, solar-powered parking meters, UV pool filtration, lead-free wheel balancing tape, trike delivery of office supplies, energy-efficient sports field lighting, portable restrooms, and vegetable-based printing inks.  For information on any of these sustainable procurement practices, reach out to the program contact listed on this page.

Green Spend Metrics

The following Green Spend Snapshots provide green spend data for four Citywide product categories: Office Furniture, Copy/Printer Office Paper, Office Electronics, and Office Supplies.  Additional archived green spend snapshots are available upon request.  Reach out to the program contact listed on this page.

Fiscal Year 2020-2021 Green Spend Snapshot

Fiscal Year 2019-2020 Green Spend Snapshot 

Sustainable Supply Chain Analysis

In 2016, the Sustainable Procurement Program commissioned an analysis of the environmental impacts of 1 fiscal year's worth of City spend.  The results have since been used by the program to help prioritize program initiatives and activities.  


Stacey Foreman

Sustainable Procurement Program Manager