Sustainable Procurement Overview


"Sustainable Procurement" is purchasing that builds healthy communities, economies, and environments all along local and global supply chains.  At the City, this means we seek to use our purchasing power to reduce carbon emissions, support human and labor rights, improve the health of our communities, and increase supplier diversity -  and do this in a way that is ethical and makes financial sense.

The Sustainable Procurement Program is guided by the City's Sustainable Procurement Policy and provides in-house technical assistance to City staff and implements specific initiatives related to key products, services, or procurement processes.

Sustainable Procurement Policies

The City's Sustainable Procurement Policy is the foundational policy for the Sustainable Procurement Program and establishes the core guiding principles and best practices for sustainable procurement at the City.  Other City sustainability policies that influence sustainable procurement best practices and initiatives are referenced here as well.  For example, the City's Green Building Policy mandates that new buildings (owned/operated by the City) must meet leading green building standards - which then means City solicitations for related architect and engineering services need to reference the City's green building requirements.  Similarly, the City's Climate Action Plan has many action items related to the purchase of renewable energy, electric vehicles, etc. - which all get rolled into City sustainable procurement best practices.