Clean Air Construction Small Grants Program


Which costs are covered by the grant program?

This program offers up to $5,000 for each qualifying piece of equipment, and up to $10,000 per qualifying piece of equipment with full CAC Oversight Committee approval. Contractors may apply for financial assistance for equipment that does not currently comply with Clean Air Construction emissions standards to complete any of the following:

  1. Engine retrofit : equipping a diesel engine with new emissions-reducing parts or convert the diesel engine into an engine capable of being powered by alternative fuel.  
  2. Engine repower : replacing an existing engine with a newer, cleaner engine or power source that is CAC compliant. 
  3. Equipment replacement : replacing a non-CAC compliant piece of equipment (nonroad or on-road) with a compliant piece of equipment (nonroad or on-road). 

A single firm may apply for assistance for up to five (5) individual pieces of equipment.

Who can apply? 

This program is open to firms that are currently either: 

  1. Currently working on a Clean Air Construction project,
  2. Worked on a project for one or more of the Clean Air Construction collaborative agencies within the last two (2) calendar years
  3. Current participation in a contractor development program offered by an agency in the Clean Air Construction collaborative.

Funding priority will be given to firms currently working on projects subject to the Clean Air Construction standard and to firms that have a bonding capacity of $30 million or less.

Where and when do I apply?

Applications are now open with a deadline of Friday, April 5th, 2024.

Register with the City of Portland on WebGrants to apply for the grant funding. 


Nicole Forbes

Clean Air Construction Program Coordinator II