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Clean Air Construction Committee Meeting

Public Meeting
Please register in advance through the Zoom link in the event description.
Available Online


3:00 pm - Roll-Call / Introductions

3:05 pm - Public Testimony Period 

Clean Air Construction Intergovernmental Oversight Committee ("CAC Committee") meetings are open to the public. The first 10 minutes of each meeting are reserved for the public to address the Committee with questions or comments regarding the issues on that meeting’s agenda.  For any questions/comments outside of the meeting agenda, we ask that you please submit them in writing to the CAC Program Coordinator.  If multiple members of the public have questions/comments, then the 10 minutes will be allocated to accommodate as many members of the public as possible.  The remainder of the meeting is reserved for committee discussion and decision making on CAC program matters.

3:15 pm - Program Updates

  • DEQ Diesel Emissions Mitigation Grant Update – Gerik Kransky

  • Software

  • Marketing/Outreach

  • Decals

3:30 pm - Syncing Key Program Elements Discussion 

  • Software Topics:

  • Attestation: Discuss the procedure

    • When do we require attestation?

    • Are there different stages, for example, under review, pending, complete, etc.?

    • What language do we want to require? Does it need to be legal at all?

    • Same for all agencies, or different language for specific agencies?

  • Swapping functionality:

    • Removed invoicing and assigning equipment to a project

    • Adding retrofit option matching

    • Adding registration of non-diesel fueled vehicles/equipment

      1. What sort of verification/validation do we want for non-diesel equipment? How do we want these to be registered?

      2. Need to provide decals for equipment 25 hp and under?

3:55 pm - Final Comments & Notes for Future Meetings 

4:00 pm - Adjourn