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About Procurement Services

Need help with BuySpeed, the Prequalification application, or Procurement's other online tools? Find out where to go or who to contact to get help. View the City's procurement codes and policies. View Procurement's Organization Chart.
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Need help with BuySpeed, the Prequalification application, or Procurement's other online tools? 

Instructions and contact information for Procurement's BuySpeed administrators can be found on our BuySpeed service page

Instructions and contact information for someone who can help with the Prequalification application (Construction only) can be found on our Prequalification service page

View our Bids and Proposals page to learn more about bids open for submission and bids that will be open for submission soon. Do you have questions about a solicitation document? Contact information for Buyers can be found in the solicitation documents. For bids, contact information for Buyers can be found on the right hand side of Bids and Proposals page after clicking on links to specific projects. 

Procurement Codes and Policies 

City Code 3.100 Equal Opportunity 

City Code 5.33 Goods and Services 

City Code 5.34 Public Improvements and Construction Services 

City Code 5.68 Professional Service Contracts 

Procurement's Code of Ethics

The City of Portland (City), Procurement Services Code of Ethics was adopted by the Chief Procurement Officer September 10, 2014 and applies to: “All persons employed by the City who purchase goods and services, or is involved in the procurement and contracting process in any way.”

All City employees are subject to the ethics statements as found in PCC 1.03 and HR11.01, further any person employed by the City of Portland (City) who purchases goods and services, or is involved in the procurement and contracting process in any way, shall be bound by these additional ethical standards and thereby will:

  • Conform to the highest ethical standards operating in a fiduciary capacity; we value this fiduciary trust and will remain objective, open and impartial in our decision-making.
  • Cultivate an environment where all business concerns, large or small, majority or minority owned, are afforded an equal opportunity to compete on City solicitations and bids.
  • Conduct business with honesty and integrity by avoiding any unethical or compromising practices, actions, and communications, or any appearance thereof.
  • Decline discounts, gifts, favors, entertainment or services from present or potential suppliers which might influence, or appear to influence purchasing decisions which may personally benefit the employee.
  • Conduct all procurement activities in accordance with federal, state and local laws and remain alert to any potential legal ramifications avoiding the exploitation of loopholes or development of artificial roadblocks.
  • Refrain from any private or professional activity that could create a conflict between personal interests and interests of the City and strive to eliminate the participation of any individual where a conflict of interest may be involved (reference ORS 244.120 and 130).
  • Procurement employees or those engaged in procurement activities are responsible for reporting any unethical conduct to their supervisor, bureau director, the Bureau of Human Resources, Ombudsman or the Auditor’s Fraud Alert Line.
  • Use professional judgment, reasonable care, and exercise only the authority granted.

Procurement's Organization Chart 

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