Request access to search city liens

This is a fee-based service that's usually used to do searches as part of real estate transactions. For one time or infrequent searches, we recommend contacting a title company to perform the search for you.

Request access from NetAssets by email or phone to search the City's electronic lien database

In accordance with ORS 93.643, the City is required to record certain liens in the County Clerk’s office or provide access by an online electronic medium. The City of Portland contracts with the Net Asset Corporation to provide internet access to a system called Conduits. This is a fee based service that most subscribers such as title companies, escrow agents, financial institutions, and real estate professionals utilize in performing searches as part of real estate transactions.

The current lien search fee is $33.00 for each property search performed.

In order to obtain access to Conduits please contact Net Assets Corporation. Prior to access approval, all subscribers will be required to accept all terms of use and agree to pay the City of Portland for all searches performed.



Contact for accessing search on City liens