About the OMF Advisory Committee


The Office of Management and Finance (OMF) implemented an Advisory Committee in 2006 comprised of primary customers and stakeholders. The committee includes at least one CAO appointed public or community representative, at least one CAO appointed labor representative, six to seven non-OMF bureau directors – appointed based on the CAO’s project or policy agenda for each year, the Mayor’s Chief of Staff, and a City Commissioner’s Office Representative. Chaired by OMF’s Chief Administrative Officer and Vice Chaired by OMF’s Deputy Chief Administrative Officer – the committee meets monthly to advise OMF on project and program questions, customer service issues, and budget decisions. The Advisory Committee convenes as OMF’s Budget Advisory Committee during the budget process.

OMF Budget Advisory Committee

Community Members: Tony Seminary (IT Motives), Melissa Weber (Metro Controller)

Customer Stakeholders: Ryan Gillespie (Fire Chief), Claudio Campuzano (Portland Parks & Recreation), Angel Landron Gonzalez (Portland Housing Bureau), Robert Day (Police Chief), Mourad Ratbi (Civic Life), Sara Morrissey (Mayor’s Office), Dawn Uchiyama (Bureau of Environmental Services), Rachel Whiteside (PROTEC17)

OMF Leadership: Michael Jordan (Chief Administrative Officer), Juan Carlos Ocana-Chiu (Racial Equity Manager), Sonia Schmanski (Deputy Chief Administrative Officer), Jeff Baer (Chief Technology Officer), Tracy Warren (Interim Chief Human Resources Officer), Thomas Lannom (Interim Chief Financial Officer)


  • Share expertise and experience with CAO.
  • Assess options and share perspectives to further the mission of OMF.
  • Assist CAO with problem solving on a variety of issues, as requested.
  • Bring new thinking and a citywide vision to the table.
  • Communicate appropriately and maintain confidentiality.


  • Teamwork - Support and encourage fellow committee members.
  • Timeliness - Meet committee deadlines and maintain attendance.
  • Participation - Come prepared to effectively share input.
  • Flexibility - Be willing to re-prioritize.
  • Courtesy - Check out assumptions before drawing conclusions.
  • Communication - Maintain appropriate and accurate communications.
  • Confidentiality - Maintain confidentiality of the CAO and Advisory Committee.

Past Events

OMF Advisory Committee

Public Meeting

OMF Advisory Committee

Public Meeting