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Message of support to Asian community and staff

News Article
A message from Lisa Watson, Director
Lisa Watson

**Content warning: murder, violence**

January 24, 2023

Lunar New Year should be a time of celebration, but the joy has been cut short as we grieve the loss of Asian community members from recent mass shootings in California’s Monterey Park and Half Moon Bay.

Many Asian community members have been on high alert during recent years due to the continual rise in targeted anti-Asian violence. No matter the motive or identity of the murderers, the horror, pain, and fear are still impactful and long-lasting.

The Office of Equity and Human Rights grieves alongside our Asian community members and colleagues, many of whom are experiencing collective trauma. We also recognize the impact not only on them, but also any institutionally oppressed community members who can relate from their own experiences of profound loss due to violence.

Thank you,

Lisa Watson