Why is this information under the Office of Equity?


These Disability Community web pages were transferred to the Office of Equity’s Disability Division when the Office of Community and Civic Life discontinued their disability program. While we feel these pages have important information, the Office of Equity’s Disability Division has limited staff capacity and our primary focus is to support bureaus in both ADA compliance and Disability Equity, for better community outcomes.

The connection between the city government and community is vitally important, and we will do our best to keep these pages up-to-date and relevant. 

At this time, we are not able to offer community information and referral requests, but we recommend reaching out to 211 for social service-related questions/referral or 311 for city or county related service and referral.

We are strongly advocating for the disability community programming to be reinstated. If you would like to support the need for more community facing staff and programming, we encourage you to contact city council members to let them know how important the work from Civic Life was for you.