Voice Control Technology


What if you could control your computer with the sound of your voice?

Perhaps this sounds like a silly question. Basic voice control features have become part of the way we use smartphones, tablets and computers, whether we’re driving, cooking, or have too much to do to spend time hunting around for tiny icons and keys on our phones.

While many of us might be familiar with the convenience simple voice control commands can provide, it is also important to know that voice control for a computer, home, and other features are essential elements of access for many people with disabilities.

The possibilities are endless, and growing every day. Check out voice control in action below!

 Tom uses voice control technology for his computer

Todd uses voice control technology to access his home

Innovation and creativity are part of our collective disability experience. And making technology more accessible for those of us with disabilities makes it work better for people without disabilities too.

This is true for innumerable parts of our society, whether we’re talking about buildings and  policies, or arts culture, and justice.

Voice control technology is one of the many windows into how we can transform the way the world understands disability, if only we remember to consider all the ways of getting things done.