Like the Mic


For this tip, we share a best practice that will help everyone be more engaged in your meetings and events. And it is…Like the Mic! 

Using a microphone at your meetings and events not only supports people who are hard of hearing, it increases understanding and retention for everyone by making the meeting content easier to take in.

It can also support people to focus on the person who is speaking, aid meeting facilitation by providing a cue of who has the floor.

Below (scroll down please), find an excellent video by Rooted in Rights, which underscores exactly how important it is to Like the Mic. Enjoy!


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Learning to Like the Mic is a fantastic first step toward building hearing-friendly, inclusive public events and meetings. Like the Mic is the video campaign launched by Rooted in Rights and the Hearing Loss Association of America to bring awareness that life should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their ability to hear.

Forty-eight million Americans experience hearing loss every day.  That means that 15% of veterans, children, seniors, and people in-between might be left out when public events and meetings are run as if everyone hears the same way.