About the Office of Equity and Human Rights

The Office of Equity and Human Rights sets the equity vision and goals for the City of Portland.

The Office of Equity and Human Rights was created by City Ordinance in 2011.

The Office of Equity and Human Rights is charged with:

  1. Promoting equity and reducing disparities within City government; 

  2. Providing guidance, education, and technical assistance to all bureaus as they develop sustainable methods to build capacity in achieving equitable outcomes and service; 

  3. Working with community partners to promote equity and inclusion within Portland and throughout the region, producing measurable improvements and disparity reductions; 

  4. Supporting human rights and opportunities for everyone to achieve their full potential; 

  5. Working to resolve issues rooted in bias and discrimination, through research, education, and interventions.

Our Equity Stance

Equity addresses the historic, institutional systems that create oppression based on identity. We strive to use an intersectional approach to transform historic power dynamics for accountable systemic change based on the principles of humanity, justice, and belonging. The City of Portland leads with race and disability.