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Public Notices - Land Use Notice of Proposals, Hearings, Staff Reports, More

Current land use review notices, environmental plan checks & type III staff reports are posted. Find a Notice of Proposal, Notice of Decision, Notice of Hearing, Notice of Appeal or a Land Use Notice. You can also get Zoning Cases and Zoning Permit information.

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Interim Rule Update for Private Right-of-Ways

Learn more about interim changes to the Administrative Rule for Private Rights-of-Ways (Streets, Alleys, Shared Courts, Common Greens and Pedestrian Connections).

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New Rules Adopted for Lot Confirmations

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Do You Have Any Signs? Changes to Zoning Code and Sign Code May Impact You

Changes to the Zoning Code (Title 33) Sign Code (Title 32) to implement the 2035 Comprehensive Plan will take effect at 1 p.m. on Thursday, May 24, 2018. These changes may have important ramifications for you if there are signs on your property or place of business.

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Upcoming Lunch and Learn Presentations and Zoning Code Updates

The Bureau of Development Services is hosting a series of three Lunch and Learn presentations about changes to the Portland Zoning Code adopted to implement the 2035 Comprehensive Plan.

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