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River Plan / South Reach adopted by City Council

New 20-year plan for the southern end of the Willamette River in Portland will provide greater access to the river and more recreation opportunities on land and in the water.

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City Council scheduled to vote on final amendments to River Plan / South Reach Plan

Council session will be on December 10 at 2 p.m.

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Council reopens written testimony for River Plan / South Reach

This afternoon, the Portland City Council met to discuss testimony from the November 4 public hearing on the River Plan / South Reach Plan and the Willamette River Greenway Inventory and consider potential amendments.

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River Plan / South Reach and Willamette River Greenway Inventory on their way to City Council

Testify in writing or by Zoom at the November 4 public hearing on the River Plan / South Reach and an update to the Willamette River Greenway Inventory.

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River Plan / South Reach on its way to City Council

Planning and Sustainability Commission and Design Commission vote to recommend proposals to City Council; public hearing TBD

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Planning and Sustainability Commission close to voting on River Plan / South Reach Plan

On June 23, Commissioners will hear from the Joint Office of Homeless Services and reopen testimony re: boating activities before voting to recommend the plan to City Council.

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Community input sought for the future character of Macadam Avenue Area

City planners and community members consider the design of the built environment on and around South Portland’s major thoroughfare.

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Planning and Sustainability Commission completes its consideration of River Plan / South Reach proposals on May 26

Commissioners will discuss archaeological code amendments, houselessness, residential docks, landscaping enforcement, and miscellaneous code and text changes before voting on the whole plan.

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Planning and Sustainability Commission resumes consideration of the River Plan / South Reach Proposed Draft

Commissioners will discuss watershed health, recreation, and urban design at the May 12 PSC work session.

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River Plan / South Reach Update: April 13, 2020

COVID-19 outbreak alters project schedule; work sessions postponed.

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Ready for public review: A new land use plan for the future of the Willamette riverfront in the South Portland, Riverdale, and Central City areas

River Plan/South Reach Proposed Draft heads to Planning and Sustainability Commission for public hearings; proposals address land uses and zoning, scenic and natural resources, recreation, and transportation.

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Calling all nature lovers, boaters, kayakers, paddle boarders, swimmers, hikers, residents and anyone else interested in the future of the Willamette River

The River Plan / South Reach Discussion Draft ready for review; public comments welcome until November 27, 2019.

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Updated inventory of natural resources in and around the Willamette / South Reach available for public review

Summary of river, river banks, flood plains, tributary streams, wetlands and upland features provides a status report for the river.

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Community members review draft concepts for the South Reach of the Willamette River

Nearly 100 people attended an open house in Sellwood earlier this month; city planners will use their input as they develop a draft plan this winter.

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Some big ideas emerging for the Willamette River's South Reach

Join fellow community members and City planners to review new directions for development of the River Plan / South Reach.

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Bright ideas for Willamette River's South Reach emerge!

River lovers come together to talk with each other and City planners about recreation, natural resources and adjacent neighborhoods

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Let's get serious ... about the southern portion of our beloved Willamette River

Jump in with us as we explore the future of recreation opportunities and natural resources in the South Reach.

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Portlanders gather to envision the future of the South Reach of the Willamette River

Now you can share your ideas and hopes for the Willamette River and surrounding banks, trails and neighborhoods, from the Ross Island Bridge south to Dunthorpe.

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City launches long-range planning effort for the South Reach of the Willamette River

Share your ideas to improve and enhance recreation, natural resources and nearby neighborhoods at River Plan / South Reach events, including a June 9 Visioning Workshop.

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