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Portland City Council adopts the Residential Infill Project

Landmark zoning reforms will open Portland’s residential neighborhoods to more – and less expensive – housing types for Portlanders today and those to come.

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City Council approves all six Residential Infill Project amendment packages

Staff to return on August 5, 2020, with “As-amended” draft.

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City Council to vote on Residential Infill Project amendments

Commissioners to weigh testimony and vote on proposed amendments on July 9; final vote on “as-amended draft” in August.

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Residential Infill Project Update: City Council hearing on potential amendments continued to June 18

Portlanders may view the hearing and submit testimony online via the Map App or by U.S. mail until 8 p.m. on June 18.

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Residential Infill Project Update: City Council to hold public hearing on potential amendments on June 3

Portlanders invited to testify during a virtual hearing, online via the Map App or by U.S. mail.

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Residential Infill Project public hearing back on track

City Council to hear public testimony on amendments to the RIP proposals during a virtual meeting on June 3

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City Council hears lots of public testimony on the Residential Infill Project

At recent public hearings, 140 Portlanders shared their feedback on proposals to expand housing opportunities in Portland’s single-family zones.

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City Council delays vote on RIP amendments

To give Portlanders more time to testify online rather than in person, the deadline for written testimony has been extended until a new hearing date is scheduled.

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City Council gives RIP project staff direction on amendment concepts

Council holds two work sessions on proposed amendments to the Residential Infill Project; directs staff to develop some of them for a public hearing on March 12.

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The Residential Infill Project public hearings are over. Now what?

City Council is reviewing concepts for amendments in response to public testimony. Community members will have an opportunity to testify on the amendments in March 2020.

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City Council extends written testimony deadline for the Residential Infill Project

Comments must be received by Friday, January 17 at 5 PM

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City Council now accepting testimony on the Residential Infill Project

Portlanders can testify in person at public hearings in January or via the Map App.

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City Council Hearing Date for the Residential Infill Project Confirmed

SAVE THE DATE: Jan. 15, 2020, is first public hearing on updates to single-dwelling zones.

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Residential Infill Project one step closer to City Council

Planning and Sustainability Commission votes 5 - 4 to recommend new rules for more units and smaller buildings in Portland's neighborhoods.

Revised draft of the Residential Infill Project ready for review

Project staff to brief the Planning and Sustainability Commission on Revised Proposed Draft on February 12; vote to recommend to City Council in March.

Residential Infill Project staff briefs the PSC on revised economic analysis

Planning and Sustainability Commission learns about the impact of their revisions to staff's proposal; more units, lower rents.

Residential Infill Project update: next steps for amendments to Proposed Draft

Staff studying and implementing changes requested by the Planning and Sustainability Commission; new meetings set.

Planning and Sustainability Commission directs Residential Infill Project staff to revise RIP proposals to reflect their amendments

Commissioners felt the initial proposals didn’t go far enough to address the housing shortage in Portland.

Residential Infill Project (RIP) keeps rippin' along

Planning and Sustainability Commission is continuing its discussion of proposed new rules for residential development.

Planning and Sustainability Commission (PSC) completes public hearings on the Residential Infill Project; extends written testimony until 5 p.m. Friday, May 18

The PSC hears more than six hours of testimony on May 8 and 15. Nearly 140 people testified on proposed rules for new construction in Portland’s residential neighborhoods.

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