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Mayor Wheeler Appoints Sam Chase as Director of the Office of Government Relations 

Chase brings needed experience from roles in local governments and nonprofits 

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City Council Unanimously Passes Resolution and Ordinance, Affirm Commitment to Partner and Collaborate with State Leaders on Drug Crisis

756: Directs City's Office of Government Relations to Advocate and Collaborate with Oregon Legislature to Address Portland’s Ongoing Drug Epidemic and Public Safety Issues.

757: Ordinance to Ban Consumption of Controlled Substances in Public Upon State Authority.

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Homeless and Behavioral Health Resources

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City Council Passes Ordinance Updating City Code, Specifies that Camping on Public Property is Barred from 8am-8pm

The amended city code prohibits unsanctioned camping along public rights of way as an ‘objectively reasonable’ standard as allowed under Martin v. Boise and HB 3115.

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