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BPS's Shawn Wood built a sturdy deconstruction program

Now he's off to the EPA to advance the use of low-embodied-carbon building materials on a national scale.

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Deconstruction Case Studies

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Deconstruction Contractor Spotlight: Lovett Deconstruction

Lovett Deconstruction was established to help diminish the industry practice of tearing up quality building materials and throwing them away.

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Deconstruction Contractor Spotlight: The ReBuilding Center

The Rebuilding Center exists to discover and re-claim value in people, materials, and communities that been overlooked or discarded by society.

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Portland City Council adopts new deconstruction ordinance to save quality, historic materials

Deconstruction instead of demolition: Disassembling Portland’s oldest and most historic houses and duplexes will protect public health and save valuable materials for reuse.

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