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Acquisition of the Ellington Apartments

Portland City Council Agenda January 4, 2017: Agenda Item #15

Cascade Aids Project

Portland City Council Agenda January 4, 2017: Agenda Item #11

Green Loop is featured attraction at Saturday Walkways event in the Park Blocks

Loop PDX contest winner Untitled Studios engaged hundreds of people participating in the all-day event

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Portland City Council adopts new deconstruction ordinance to save quality, historic materials

Deconstruction instead of demolition: Disassembling Portland’s oldest and most historic houses and duplexes will protect public health and save valuable materials for reuse.

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Getting buy-in: Suggest a pilot

Asking for a trial run of a new sustainability initiative can help you get permission to roll it out company-wide.

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Plan ahead for neighborhood cleanup events

Reduce clutter by reusing and recycling.

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New Portlanders: Our History * Our Story

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Learn how to use BottleDrop to redeem more containers

A step-by-step guide to use BottleDrop to save time and gain money.

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