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PBOT leadership presents $32 million budget cut proposal

Here are links to the video of the City Council Work Session and the staff presentation, including details on cuts to programs, services and staff positions

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Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability’s Climate Investment Plan unanimously adopted by City Council

The Bureau’s Portland Clean Energy Community Benefits Fund staff will begin implementation of the Climate Investment Plan with the launch of a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the Community Responsive Grant program.

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Land Use Notice of Decision LU 23-073802 AD

Adjustment Review
1804 SE Oak St

Public notice - Land Use Decision

Preparing for the future: Enhancing our system’s resilience to wildfire with filtration

At the Water Bureau we’re always looking to the future and proactive ways to ensure our drinking water stays safe and plentiful. The new filtration facility is a key step to enhance our supply resilience to wildfire and extreme weather events.

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Community Organizations Prepare for Wildfire Smoke

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Weekly Street Services report: September 18 - 24, 2023

The Street Services Coordination Center is dedicated to assisting people experiencing homelessness and reducing the impacts of homelessness in Portland. We collect trash, evaluate health and safety risks, remove unsafe camps, provide shelter referrals and transportation to shelters.


Land Use Notice of Staff Report LU 22-185273 CU MS AD

Conditional Use Master Plan Review and Adjustment Review
10625 SW 35th Ave

Updated Public notice - Staff Report

PEMO Staff Participate in ‘We Believe in Portland’ Community Cleanup Event

The first event brought 500 people from over 100 organizations to Downtown Portland

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City gears up to hear Keller Auditorium renovation ideas, progresses with five compelling proposals for potential new performing arts facility

This week, City Council is set to review a renovation proposal for Keller Auditorium, while five locations for a potential new performing arts facility, including Lloyd Center, Lloyd Superblock, Portland State University, OMSI and Zidell Yards, have been narrowed from an initial eight.

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Notice of Land Use Proposal LU 23-024628 DZ

Design Review
2305 S Water Ave

Public notice - Proposal

Notice of Land Use Proposal LU 23-085127 AD

Adjustment Review
4126 SW Pendleton St

Public notice - Proposal

Notice of Land Use Final Findings & Decision LU 23-037576 GW DZ

South Waterfront Greenway Review with concurrent Design Review
3121 S Moody Ave

Public notice - Land Use Decision

Notice of Land Use Proposal LU 23-081966 AD

Adjustment Review
12333 SE Long St

Public notice - Proposal

Notice of Land Use Proposal LU 23-078620 AD

Adjustment Review
5116 SE 140th Ave

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City of Portland Receives Small Business Administration Grant to Study Opportunities for “Legacy Business” Preservation

The Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, in partnership with other City bureaus and community partners, will research policies and programs to protect historically significant businesses and institutions.

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Notice of Land Use Proposal LU 23-073880 MLDS

Middle Housing Land Division Subdivision Review
6418 N Burrage Ave

Public notice - Proposal

Notice of Land Use Decision LU 23-005971 AP

Amendment to an Approved Partition Review
10645 SW 41st Ave

Public notice - Land Use Decision

Keen Employee Store Discount

City of Portland Employees are invited to attend the Keen Employee Store September 28th, 2023 through October 10th, 2023.

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Notice of Land Use Decision LU 23-015926 RP

Replat Review
8260 N Fiske Ave

Public notice - Land Use Decision

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