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Crypto Monitoring Update

Detections from routine monitoring in the Bull Run. Customers do not need to take any additional precautions at this time.

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City Bureaus & Urban Forestry Join Forces to Plant More Street Trees

Urban Forestry is partnering with other Bureaus to pilot a project to plant more street trees in the curb/parking zone. These new curb designs (shown in the photo above) slow traffic to improve road safety and provide space for trees.

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How to pay your 2022 Portland arts tax

The Arts Education and Access Fund has raised $112 million to support arts and culture in Portland since 2012. The City of Portland collects the $35-per-year tax from Portland residents who earn at least $1,000 per year. The fee is due April 18, 2023 and can be paid online.

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Why we say “crash” not “accident”

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Winter Travel Advisory: Snow, hail could create hazardous travel conditions Friday and Saturday

Be prepared for worse conditions than expected, as forecasts come with uncertainty about timing and amount of snow

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Carrot Fertility Event: Get Insights into your fertility

Join Carrot Fertility during National Infertility Awareness Week in the U.S. for an engaging discussion about the many factors of fertility health and wellness, including infertility.

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Portland Parks & Recreation Begins Transformation of 25-Acre Parklane Park

Groundbreaking takes place soon to expand the park significantly; this long-awaited project will provide outer Southeast Portland with more, healthy recreation options.

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Community participation sought for LGBTQ+ Historic Sites Project

Portlanders are invited to submit information about older buildings with historical ties and significance to the LGBTQ+ community.

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New Housing Report Shows Unprecedented Affordable Housing Production, Rising Incomes, Rent Increases

The State of Housing in Portland Report shows major progress on affordable housing, while disparities persist and rents across the city remain unaffordable for many, despite rising incomes.

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Don't flush your money down the toilet

Leaks can waste a lot of water and money. There’s no better time than Fix-a-Leak Week (March 20-26) to track down household leaks that waste more than ONE TRILLION gallons of water nationwide each year.

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Weekly Street Services report: March 13 -19, 2023

The Street Services Coordination Center is dedicated to assisting people experiencing homelessness and reducing the impacts of homelessness in Portland. We collect trash, evaluate health and safety risks, remove unsafe camps, provide shelter referrals and transportation to shelters.


Gang Enforcement Audits Update: Police Bureau has improved patrol activities, but still needs a policy for using gang information

Since our 2018 audits on the Police Bureau's Gang Enforcement Team, the Police Bureau has formed new units. This follow-up on our 2018 recommendations found the Bureau has improved patrol activities, but still needs a policy for using gang information.

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How to catch a running toilet

Toilet leaks are the most common household leaks. There’s no better time than Fix a Leak Week (March 20-26) to track down household leaks that waste more than ONE TRILLION gallons of water nationwide each year.

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North Portland Aquatic Center’s Location Narrowed to Three Possible Sites

Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R) announces that, thanks to continued input from neighbors and project stakeholders, there are now only three sites under consideration for the North Portland Aquatic Center.

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Public Safety Support Specialist Ride Along

The Public Safety Support Specialist (PS3) Program was created to enhance community engagement opportunities and reduce the number of armed police officers responding to lower priority calls for service. With PS3s taking over the low priority calls, officers are freed up to respond to 911 calls.

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Vehicular parking code updates ready for public review

Updates to parking rules will reduce regulations for the amount of vehicular parking required with development and add new standards to include green features with larger parking lots.

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Portland Community Groups and Local Government Gathered to Prepare for Weather Emergencies 

Community organizations who serve Portland’s diverse communities participated in an exercise last week to prepare for emergencies.  

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15 Police Officers, 9 Professional Staff Join the Police Bureau

Mayor Ted Wheeler and Chief Chuck Lovell, along with other members of the City Council, welcomed 15 new police officers and 9 professional staff members to the Portland Police Bureau.

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Portland City Council adopts two ordinances to assist in office-to-residential conversions

On March 15, the Portland City Council adopted two emergency ordinances aimed at making it a little easier to change vacant office space to housing.

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