Markham is a residential neighborhood in Southwest Portland that shares a northern border with I-5. Parks include Marigold HydroPark and Maricara Natural Area.

Neighborhood Association Information


Bylaws: Markham NA Bylaws

Neighborhood Coalition: Southwest Community Services

Meeting Time and Location
General Meetings Annual Meeting with elections is held on the second Tuesday in May.
This meeting is open to the public. See website to confirm scheduled meetings and location for in-person meetings or instructions on how to attend virtual meetings.
Time: 7:00 PM
Board Meetings See website for details on scheduled board meetings.

c/o Civic Life
1120 SW Fifth Avenue, Ste. 114
Portland, OR97204
United States

Neighborhood Association Leadership Contacts

Position and Name Contact Information
General Correspondence Contact
MarkhamNA GeneralCorrespondenceContact

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