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York in Mt. Tabor

York; 2021; Wood and urethane sculpture, bronze paint


Temporarily replaced Harvey Scott on the summit of Mount Tabor in Mt. Tabor Park.

Creation and Dedication

In February 2021, artist Todd McGrain presented an anonymous guerrilla art installation of a bust of York, the only Black member of the Lewis and Clark expedition, was placed in Mount Tabor Park after the removal of Harvey Scott and became a focal point for discussions on representation and racial justice.


In July, 2021, the York Bust faced vandalism and was removed. The incident highlighted the complexities surrounding public art and raised discussions about the representation of historical figures in public spaces.

Current Status

The Bust was temporary installation and destroy by vandalism. The public response to York's statue demonstrated the power of art to bring forward new narratives and prompted conversations about community healing and historical recognition.                                                                                                         

Noted Issues:

York was an integral part of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, yet he did not receive the recognition or freedom he deserved upon their return. His story represents the struggles and contributions of African Americans during a pivotal time in American history. York's experiences and the challenges he faced continue to be a subject of discussion and reevaluation in understanding American history.

For more information about York and his contributions to the Lewis and Clark Expedition, please visit the following resources: