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On this page, you can access the City's Lobbying Activity Filing Portal and learn how to register a lobbying entity and file required reports. City officials must also disclose gifts received or donations requested within a calendar quarter.
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Access political consultant registration and reporting here.

Access the Lobbying Activity Filing Portal 

Please note: In order to access the lobbyist filing portal, you must first create a Portland Online account.

Lobbying Activity Filing Portal

Filing Portal Information for Lobbying Entities

  • Register or renew your registration for your lobbying entity with the City (required after spending $1,000 or eight hours or more on lobbying activities in a calendar quarter).
  • Manage lobbyists for your lobbying entity.
  • File your lobbying entity quarterly statement after spending $1,000 or eight cumulative hours lobbying in a calendar quarter.
  • Registration expires at the end of each calendar year, and registration must be renewed after reaching the above specified threshold.

Filing Portal Information for City Officials

  • File quarterly reports each calendar quarter disclosing any gifts or donations over $25 from any lobbying entities.
  • City Elected Officials: Must file a report each calendar quarter, regardless of whether there are any gifts or donations to disclose.
  • Other City Officials: Must file a report only if there are any gifts or donations to disclose.

Lobbying Activity Resources and Assistance

Lobbying and Political Consultant Home Page

Lobbying Regulations Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

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Lobbying, Political Activities, and Elections Resources for City Employees

Download PDF file Lobbying Entity Registration and Reporting Instructions (576.24 Kb)

Download PDF file City Official Reporting Instructions (504.16 Kb)

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