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Now Available: City of Portland Quarter 1 2023 Lobbyist Reports, Political Consultant Reports, and Calendars

Press Release
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2023 First Quarter disclosures for City lobbying, political consultants, and City official business calendars are now available for the public to view. Highlights are included below.

Quarter 1 2023 Lobbying Reports

Quarter 1 Additional Disclosures

Quarter 1 Lobbying Topics

Most frequently disclosed lobbying communications were related to the following topics:

  • Business/Economic Development:OMSI Redevelopment and Columbia Steel Easement
  • Environment: Energy (Industrial Symbiosis Hub), Sustainable Development (Portland Recycling Center)
  • Infrastructure: Telecommunications (Right-of-Way (ROW) Code) and Housing/Houselessness (HOLTE Cap)

Quarter 1 Spending

  • Lobbying groups reported spending approximately $105,585 in the quarter on City lobbying efforts. 
  • The following registered entities reported exceeding the quarterly lobbying threshold by spending more than $1,000:

Quarter 1 Political Consultant Disclosures

  • Commissioner Ryan reported consulting services with Winning Mark and CN4 Partners.

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