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Request mediation with a police officer

Mediation is an alternative to the traditional complaint and disciplinary process. It is a voluntary, confidential process where a professional mediator helps officers and community members talk directly to each other.

Call Independent Police Review to request mediation

A mediation session allows officers to hear how their actions affected community members and vice versa.

The mediator is "the person in the middle", an impartial third party who helps people talk through and resolve issues. They ensure that each side has the opportunity to explain their side, is respectful, and follows the ground rules:

  1. When you submit a complaint, there is an option to indicate that you are open to a mediation session.
  2. If your case is eligible we will confirm with you during the intake process that you are open to this process.
  3. The officer(s) involved will be asked as well.
  4. If both parties are willing, then a session will be scheduled.

Why mediation?

  • Mediation could take the place of traditional cases and punishment. Resulting in a possible conclusion.
  • Additionally, traditional cases can take months to conclude, versus mediation that can conclude within four weeks.
  • Mediation contributes to a long-term improvement in how those who complained (and those close to them) view the police. Many complaints start from a lack of understanding police procedures, that may not be explainable in the moment.
  • Mediation helps to address the problem(s) at the source.

Will either party be required to do or say anything?

No, mediation is not about judging who is right or wrong. Aside from not being threatening, verbally abusive, or generally uncivil, neither side is obligated to do anything.

  • You do not have to apologize (although some end up doing this).
  • You do not have to admit to wrongdoing.
  • You can withdraw from the process at any time, no one is compelled to mediate.

Could this session be used against me in the future?

No, mediation is confidential*; all parties sign a legally binding confidentiality agreement.

*Exception: There are mandatory reporting requirements for admissions of certain criminal acts.