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Quarterly Report – Q2 2021


Investigation Timeliness

The Settlement Agreement with the United States Department of Justice requires investigations into police misconduct be completed in 180 days. IPR has smaller goals within the 180 days for each stage of an investigation. The City fell out of compliance with this section of the Settlement Agreement in 2020. IPR’s quarterly reports will include an update on timeliness as we work to come back into compliance with this section of the Agreement.

One case reported in Q1 has exceeded 180 days. A case reported in Q2 that IPR retained for investigation remains open and will be added to the chart when it closes in future quarters. The backlog of intake investigations that accumulated during 2020 has cleared up and fewer cases are going over the 14-day intake timeline.

Q1 case exceeds 180 days

Q1 case exceeds 180 days

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Each stage of an investigation has its own timeliness goal. IPR is responsible for the intake investigation (14 day goal) and retains some cases for full investigation (70 day goal). The full investigation for the case opened in Q1 remains open but under 70 days. It will be added to the chart when the investigation stage is completed.

Median Days

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New Officer-Involved Shootings and In-Custody Deaths

There were three officer-involved shootings during the second quarter of 2021. Two were fatal.

Robert Douglas Delgado was shot and killed on April 16th, 2021 after reports he was drawing a handgun in Lents Park in east Portland. The handgun recovered was an orange-tipped replica.

Darrin Carr was shot on May 22nd, 2021 when he allegedly drove a stolen vehicle toward officers. Carr was booked on charges after his release from the hospital.

Michael Ray Townsend was shot and killed on June 24th, 2021 after he called police for help with a mental health crisis. Mr. Townsend informed dispatch he was armed. A sharp object was recovered at the scene.

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