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Director's Report

Updated Report

Quarterly Report – Q3 2022


Quarterly Report – Q2 2022

View Independent Police Review's 2nd quarterly report of 2022.

Updated Report

Domestic Violence Response: Special Victims Unit benefits from collaboration with partners, but patrol officers need more training

The City Auditor’s Independent Police Review (IPR) found that the Portland Police Bureau’s Special Victims Unit benefits from co-location and collaboration with service partners but officers responding to the initial calls need more trauma-informed training.


2021 Annual Report

Our annual report for 2021 describes changes in workload, regaining compliance with the Department of Justice, and summarizes a policy review of how language services are used by the Police Bureau.


Quarterly Report – Q1 2022

View Independent Police Review's 1st quarterly report of 2022.

Updated Report

Lessons Learned: City’s response to protests exposed vulnerabilities in Portland’s police accountability system

The 2020 murder of George Floyd sparked more than 100 nights of protest in Portland. Complaints of officer misconduct at these events exposed inadequacies with the City’s ability to hold officers accountable. We recommend operational and policy improvements to strengthen the accountability system.


Auditor's 2021 Accountability Report

The Auditor’s Office conducts independent assessments of Portland government, impartial investigations of community members’ complaints, and provides a variety of services that make the City more accessible. This report highlights the breadth and depth our work in 2021.


City Council to assume responsibility for Independent Police Review

City Auditor Mary Hull Caballero notified Justice Department officials today that City Council will assume responsibility for Independent Police Review, effective July 1.

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2021-C-0056 Case File Summary

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Quarterly Report – Q4 2021

View Independent Police Review's 4th quarterly report of 2021.


Scapegoating Independent Police Review does not improve police accountability

Who decides if Portland police officers engaged in misconduct and imposes discipline? You may be surprised to learn it’s not Independent Police Review, despite what you may have read.

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View all of our annual reports

View Independent Police Reviews annual reports for years 2010 - 2020.

Updated Report

View all of our policy reviews

View Independent Police Reviews policy reviews.

Updated Report

Quarterly Report – Q2 2021


2020 Annual Report

This annual report highlights unique occurrences, challenges, and lessons learned from 2020.


Portland Police needs to ensure language services are equitable and consistent

Independent Police Review took a closer look at interactions between police officers and community members who may need language services and recommended changes to the Portland Police Bureau to strengthen effective communication.


Auditor's 2020 Accountability Report

The Auditor’s Office is Portlanders’ independent agency responsible for providing oversight of City government. This Accountability Report, covering the year 2020, shows the breadth, depth and impact of our work.


Auditor's 2019 Accountability Report

The Auditor's Accountability Report, covering the year 2019, provides examples of how we’ve been responsive to the public’s concerns, scrutinized the City’s spending of public dollars, tracked lobbyist influence, and revived forgotten parts of our City’s history.