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Weekly Street Services report: February 20 - 26, 2023

The Street Services Coordination Center is dedicated to assisting people experiencing homelessness and reducing the impacts of homelessness in Portland. We collect trash, evaluate health and safety risks, remove unsafe camps, provide shelter referrals and transportation to shelters.

Community members,

We are pleased to provide a summary of last week’s Street Services Coordination Center’s activity. This is a collaborative team that streamlines services offered to those living outside and to expedite homelessness related cleanup efforts throughout Portland in a compassionate manner. Our team is comprised of the Homelessness and Urban Camping Impact Reduction Program, Fire & Rescue, police, transportation, parks and recreation, and Multnomah County. Together we’ve taken a collective approach to remove campsites that pose the highest risk to health and safety.

Shelter referrals

The Street Services Coordination Center has designated shelter beds available to those impacted by campsite removals. We have offered shelter beds to thousands of people experiencing homelessness since April 2022. The data below only represents the number of people who said they were interested in a shelter referral last week and a call was made to determine availability.  

  • 14 people expressed an interest in a shelter referral
  • 8 people accepted shelter referrals
  • 6 people used a shelter bed for at least one night  
  • Total shelter referrals since April 11, 2022: 1741
  • Total people who have used a shelter bed: 686

Campsite assessment, cleanup and removal highlights

The Homelessness and Urban Camping Impact Reduction Program assesses reported campsites, picks up garbage, provides resource referrals, and removes sites that pose health and safety risks. Using empathy and innovation, we minimize the impacts of homelessness while partner programs expand long-term access to safe, affordable housing. 

Please note, in the event of a Severe Winter Weather Declaration, the City will not require people to move during campsite cleanups. Sites that have been posted will be cleared of any trash and/or bio-hazard material during the severe weather, but occupants will not be required to move until the Severe Winter Weather Declaration has been lifted. Sites that have been posted but not completely cleaned due to the weather, will be reposted and cleaned in the coming weeks. Severe Weather criteria: The Joint Office, as well as Multnomah County and Portland Emergency Management, use the following criteria to determine when conditions pose a danger to exposed vulnerable people. Any one of the criteria below will result in a Severe Weather Notice if the conditions are forecasted to persist for four (4) hours or more during what would be severe weather shelter operating hours (8pm-7am):

  1. Forecasted temperature of 25° F (-3.9° C) or below.
  2. Forecasted snow accumulations of 1.0 inch or more sticking to the ground in most locations.
  3. Forecasted temperature at or below 32° F (0° C) with driving rain of 1.0 inch or more overnight.
  4. Other conditions, including severe wind chills or extreme temperature fluctuations.

Campsite removals were paused as of Wednesday, February 22nd at 12pm.

From February 20 - 26, 2023, the Impact Reduction Program:

  • Received  1060  new campsite reports; including  72 reports of people living in vehicles
  • Observed about 233  active campsites, accounting for duplicate reports about the same locations and including vehicle campsites
  • Assessed approximately 240 campsites, engaging with people living there, collecting garbage and biohazardous materials, and coordinating with service providers
  • Removed 45  campsites that posed a risk to health and safety, safely storing campers' personal property 


  • Shelter referrals offered: 14
  • Shelter referrals accepted: 8
  • Shelter beds used: 6
  • Campsite reports received: 1060
  • Total active campsites observed: 233
  • Campsite assessments: 240
  • Campsites removed: 45

Take a look at the new Impact Reduction Program Dashboard 

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Impact Reduction Program interactive dashboard
Picture showing the Impact Reduction Program interactive dashboard