Navigation Team outcomes


The Navigation Team is a group of multi-disciplinary outreach workers who go to areas where high-impact camping exists. The team offers access to services including shelter, health supports (medical, mental health, substance use), transportation assistance, identification and benefits assistance, and housing and rental assistance. This work is intensive and requires daily engagement that can take up to several weeks.

The following table shows the various sites the Navigation Team has worked at and the outcomes from their work there. You can read more about the Navigation Team here.

Last Update: 2/16/2023

LocationDate Range# engaged# assessed for supportive housing# helped into shelter# helped to receive ID’s# helped to receive birth certificates# signed up for the Oregon Health Plan# helped to receive glasses# helped into substance abuse treatment# given housing referrals
SE Morrison Bridge01/30/2019-02/15/20192144 individuals100000
Peninsula Crossing Trail02/26/2019-04/15/201957113 individuals, 4 couples211313110
I-405 & Sunset Hwy04/15/2019-05/07/20193132 individuals, 2 couples147120214
SE Johnson Creek05/16/2019-07/10/201968244 individuals351015303
I-205 & SE Division07/22/2019-08/13/2019132933 couples611027380
I-205 & SE Powell08/14/2019-08/23/201938418 individuals1663011
NE Lloyd to 15th09/16/2019–10/4/201924410 individuals913011
SE 92nd and Flavel10/7/2019-10/28/2019721922 individuals22141023
Lindbergh’s Beach11/12/2019-02/06/2020411516 individuals, 5 couples31144023
NE 138th at the Columbia Slough Trail1/15/2020-2/4/20201774 individuals, 1 couple666024
Peninsula Crossing Trail #12/20/2020-3/31/202044411 individuals29169032
Peninsula Crossing Trail #27/2/2020-7/29/202025025 individuals003001
Delta Park7/28/2020-8/7/2020237

14 individuals, 2 couples

Old Town8/7/2020-8/13/202020119 individuals003021
Powell8/12/2020-8/27/202012112 individuals000000
Laurelhurst Park8/26/2020-9/22/202022217 individuals000020
NE 122nd and Multnomah and NW Raleigh9/8/2020-9/29/20201416 individuals001000
NW Steel Bridge, Cross Levee, and SE 96th and Market10/5/2020-10/27/20202743 individuals, 1 couple000010
Old Town Downtown10/27/2020-12/15/2020901070 individuals, 1 couple002014
Laurelhurst Park11/3/2020-12/1/202065870 individuals, 1 couple106041
E Burnside MUP to SE Harold12/9/2020-1/4/2021611114 individuals, 5 couples105032
Sunnyside School1/13/2021-1/28/2021945 individuals012030
N Williams and NE Wheeler1/27/2021-2/9/2021502 individuals, 1 couple000000
N Pier 993/2/2021-3/20/2021302 individuals000001
NE 7th and Irving3/2/2021- 3/20/2021403 individuals, 1 couple000000
Sunnyside School3/2/2021-3/20/2021505 individuals001020
Delta Park3/17/2021-4/19/2021811 individual323010
Springwater Trail3/17/2021-4/19/20211622 individuals, 1 couple4210010
NE 138th near Columbia Slough4/26/2021- 5/28/20211841 individual1496001
NE Cornfoot Rd4/26/2021-5/28/202117301581000
NE Glass Plant Rd4/26/2021-5/28/20211823 individuals12103000
Laurelhurst Park6/1/2021-8/24/20212927 individuals922071
NE 122nd and Siskiyou6/1/2021-8/24/20212622 individuals1333021
SE Madison and SE Water6/1/2021-8/24/20211511 individual115001
SE 92nd and SE Powell6/1/2021-8/24/2021800100000
Foster Floodplain8/3/2021-10/27/20215325 individuals, 2 couples21611045
Westmoreland Park8/3/2021-12/6/20211121 individual613000
SE 57th-75th and Powell8/3/2021-12/8/20214216 individuals, 2 couple1922011
SE 92nd and Division8/3/2021-12/13/20212505 individuals, 1 couple624000
Peninsula Crossing Trail8/3/2021-Present5248 individuals, 2 couple26611013
N Richmond and N Crawford9/16/2021-6/7/202230101761021
SW 10th and Clifton10/14/2021-1/4/2022900403011
NE 122nd and Burnside9/1/2021-9/14/2021403 individuals001000
I-205 and SE Powell/Division10/5/2021-3/15/20224514 individuals, 5 couples2553000
N Rosa Parks and I-5 NB/SB11/16/2021- 1/11/20221105 individuals622000
N Lombard and I-5 NB/SB 11/16/2021-1/11/20223816 individuals, 1 couple942022
Big Four Corners Natural Area1/21/2022-10/18/20225810640105031
SE 79th and SE Powell2/15/2022-3/1/2022810700000
Ross Island Bridge on/off ramps (west side)2/15/2022-3/15/2022502 individuals301000
Union Court 2/17/2022-6/1/20223126 individuals1043032
NE Grand and NE Lloyd2/18/2022-3/18/20221111 couple151000
Moda Center2/22/2021-3/11/2022400000020
I-5 NB at Marine Dr2/22/2022-4/8/20221203 couples422000
I-205 and NE Killingsworth2/22/2022-3/24/2022901 couple613000
I-5, I-405 and Hwy 30 interchange on east side3/1/2022- 3/25/20221922 individual, 1 family shelter723011
NE 100th and NE Weidler/Halsey3/1/2022-3/15/2022300000000
SE 25th and SE Franklin3/9/2022-3/22/2022601 individual203000
NE Knott and NE Rodney3/18/2022-3/25/2022400210000
I-405 and Hwy 26 interchange3/23/2022- 4/1/2022501 individual100000
Steel Bridge areas3/30/2022- 4/12/20221516360024
SE Mt Scott and SE Knapp4/4/2022- 4/26/202215321110001
I-405 and Hwy 30 interchange4/5/2022- 4/26/20221714522001
I-5 NB and Victory Blvd4/19/2022- 5/10/20221002610000
NE 33rd and NE Dekum4/26/2022- 5/4/20221013500011
SE Division Pl & SE 4th and Division Pl5/4/2022- 6/4/2022401110000
SE Division St and SE Grand5/4/2022- 6/4/2022701510000
I-205 MUP5/19/2022- 6/8/2022612144730042
SE 79th and SE Powell6/1-2022- 6/29/202218151200000
SwCT at Lambert St and Malden Ct6/3/2022- 8/7/202218011521011
SE 158th and SE Foster/SwCT west of SE 174th6/9/2022- 9/10/20223911117340910
NE 23rd-28th and NE Sandy-Holladay6/29/2022- 7/13/20221203210001
SW 26th and SW Barbur Ct7/10/2022- 9/26/2022710311001
N Going and N Greeley8/10/2022- 9/26/2022810601002
122nd-127th and W Burnside8/30/2022- 11/1/202227151521013
SE 92nd and SE Flavel9/6/2022- 11/29/202254381432023
NE 30th-42nd and NE Lombard10/4/2022- 11/8/20221722920011
N Columbia and N Landfill10/18/2022- 11/29/202226121010011
MODA Hill11/1/2022- 12/6/2022701300001
N Larrabee Ave11/1/2022- 1/3/20231201520000
N Lombard/Rosa Parks and I-512/6/2022- 1/3/20231502300010