Portland First Responder Tour

Portland First Responders' Tour
Portland City Commissioner Rene Gonzalez's First Responder Tour

31 fire stations with hundreds of sworn staff that stand ready to save lives.

9-1-1 dispatchers answering hundreds of thousands of calls every year.

The rank-and-file of Portland Street Response providing a valuable alternative in a crisis.

Emergency planners hoping for the best, but who prepare for the worst. 

These are the faces of Portland’s first response community. These are the public servants that Portland City Commissioner Rene Gonzalez will be connecting with and evaluating this year on his 2023 First Responder Tour.  

The 2023 First Responder Tour
Portland City Commissioner Rene Gonzalez's 2023 First Responder Tour

Our city is in crisis. When residents say they don’t feel safe on our streets, and when first responders are facing increasing pressure and burnout because of exploding 9-1-1 call volume, it’s all connected. 

In response to this crisis, in 2023 Commissioner Gonzalez will visit every fire station in the city, work with Portland’s 9-1-1 dispatchers on improving call times, strategize on planning with our city’s emergency preparedness managers and Neighborhood Emergency Teams, and join with Portland Street Response in discussing how we can better support their critical work.  

Portland Fire & Rescue Station Visits, First Responder Tour

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