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Public Meeting
Regular Bi-Monthly Meeting of the FITCOG June 8, 2023
5:00 pm 7:00 pm
Available Online


1.     Brief Introductions …if necessary (Temp Facilitator – TBD)

2.     Meeting Communication Protocols (Dixon)

3.     FIT Summary (Sgts. /Kula/Townley/Lt. Duilio/Capt. Jensen)

                              A.            Activity 

                              B.            Status: FIT Detached Officer Selections  

4.    FITCOG Administration (Temp Facilitator – TBD)

Old Business 

  • Status: official sign-up sheet, with days/times for ride-alongs with FIT 
  • Status: schedule support planning meeting with Edith to address the following questions: 

      How can I better support your mission 

      How I can better help [you] in your work 

       If, under the current structure, you able to fully engage in your work 

      Looking forward, and should you continue, what I can do to enable you to participate fully 

  • Status: Completion of stipend paperwork  
  • Status: Working Group for FIT Officer Community Based-Training Recommendation - (Proposal suggestion, group discussion, consensus vote) 

 New Business  

  • Task Group Logistics: (Ronning)
      • Discuss questions we are exploring 
      • Identify key areas of interest 
      • Go over recommendation format for working groups 

·         Proposed new agenda ideas (all FITCOG Members)

o   Discussion: Drone Usage by PPB….Drone Article (Stone)   

      5.        FITCOG meeting cadence (Temp Facilitator – TBD)  

                              A.            June 22

                              B.            July 6, 20

     6.     Public Comment (2-minutes limit)

     7.    FITCOG Voting (Chair and Vice-Chair Positions) (6:00pm) (Howard/Thrower)

     8.  Confidential Briefing (estimated 6:20pm start) (Temp Facilitator – TBD)

     9. Meeting Conclusion