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Firewise Community Program

wildland firefighting
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Firewise Community Program

The Firewise Communities/USA program is designed to provide an effective management approach for preserving wildland living aesthetics.  The program can be tailored for adoption by any community and/or neighborhood association that is committed to ensuring its citizens maximum protection from wildland fire.  Community members and environmental specialists work collaboratively to assess the community and gather data when considering a community as a Firewise community candidate.

Wildland Urban Interface

Wildfires will happen--exclusion is not a choice. The variables in a fire scenario are when the fire will occur, and where.  The assessment addresses the wildfire-related characteristics.  It examines the area’s exposure to wildfire as it relates to ignition potential.  The community assessment does not focus on specific homes but examines the community as a whole.

The result of the assessment will capture how wildfire behavior will be dominated by the residential characteristics of the community. The good news is that by addressing community vulnerabilities, residents will be able to substantially reduce their exposure to loss.  Relatively small investments of time and effort will reap great rewards in wildfire safety.

In coordination with Portland Fire & Rescue, assessments are conducted upon the resident’s request. The assessments focus attention on the home ignition zone and provide recommendations on ways to eliminate the fire’s potential relationship with the house. It can be accomplished by disconnecting the house from high and/or low-intensity fire that could occur around it.  Removal of some vegetation, trimming plants and cutting back trees around the home are some examples of good Firewise practices.

Home Ignition Zone

When adequately prepared, a house can likely withstand a wildfire without the intervention of the fire service.  Further, a house and its surrounding community can be both Firewise and compatible with the area’s ecosystem.  The Firewise Communities/USA program is designed to enable communities to achieve a high level of protection against Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) fire loss even as a sustainable ecosystem balance is maintained.

Sign up for a WUI Assessment

To schedule an assessment, click on the link and fill out the online form. 

WUI Assessment

For questions regarding the program or need assistance with filling out an application, please contact us at (503)823-3741.

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