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Portland Fire & Rescue Permit forms

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Portland Fire & Rescue issue permits that cover the use of flammable materials that could pose a fire related problem. In general, fire permits give permission to: use, handle, maintain, and store flammable materials; conduct certain activities that will cause conditions that may present a hazard to people or property; and/or install or remove equipment that is connected with these activities.  

Conditional Use Permits

300.05CC - Ceremonial Bonfire Conditional Use Permit

300.05G - Generic Conditional Use Permit

300.05SL - Sweat Lodge Conditional Use Permit

300.08APP - Public Assembly Special Event Permit

300.08ART - Annual Permit Temp Arts Cultural Events

300.08P - Public and Special Event Permit Codes

300.08RHH - Haunted House Permit Requirements

300.08ROT - Outdoor Tent or Membrane Structure Permit

300.10 - Fire Performance Art Venue Permit

300.29A - Requirements for Laser Use

300.29P - Laser Permit Application

301.00 - Agricultural Burning Conditional Use Permit

Portable Propane Device Permits

Propane Requirements Video

300.70 - Portable Natural Gas Cooking Devices Permit

300.71 - Portable Propane Device Permit

Sprinklers, Alarms, Tanks

300.14 - Request for Applicant Paid Overtime (APOT)

Tanks Permit Applications

Facilities Program Permit Applications

Sprinkler and Alarm Permits

Misc. Permits

300.37A - Posting of Occupant Load

300.37B - Occupant Load Sign Application

300.55 - Marine Hold- Harmless Agreement - Standpipe

300.99 - Lockbox Permit Application

302.00 - Welding and Hot Work Permit Application


Fire Permit Center

Portland Fire and Rescue