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Find your fire inspection district

Fire inspectors are assigned by district. There are 13 different inspection districts in the City of Portland. Find out which district you are located in via this map:

Fire inspectors by district

F01District 01Marstella, Jeremiah503-545-5200 B
F02District 02Britton, Craig503-201-7007 A
F03District 03Hadden, Terry503-413-9119B
F04District 04Allen, Condrew503-505-3932C
F05District 05Sansone, Gabe 503-278-9056A
F06District 06Laws, Jared971-645-8225A
F07District 07Barron, David971-291-4471B
F08District 08Frizzell, Joey503-312-6499C
F09District 09Foster, Terry503-201-1948C
F10District 10Blackwood, Magnolia503-201-4342B
F11District 11McIntire, Kelli503-915-8712B
F12District 12Waldier, Aaron503-849-1356C
F13District 13Wilson, Jason503-679-0073A
F14District 14Heard, Eric503-575-8313A
 TravelerHerman, Michael503-347-0178A


S-01Eastside Sprinklers (SE, N & NE)Colmone, Wendi503-849-1308GDPL
S-02Westside Sprinklers (SW & NW)Colmone, Wendi503-849-1308GDPL
S-10Eastside InstitutionsWoodhouse, David503-823-8255B
S-04Westside InstitutionsHill, Keith503-593-8393B
S-05Alarms/DASWilks, Joel503-823-8213GDPL
S-06Fixed Systems, Smoke ControlCole, Mark503-593-8342GDPL
S-08Plan Review, ParkingParrish, Zachariah503-991-2764 PLN
FU-2Plan Review, Facilities Pena, Geoff503-209-1833


S-08Plan Review, HazMat, TanksThornton, Joe503-209-5977PLN
S-07Harbor MasterWhalen, Sean503-209-8109SPOP
S-14HazMat, Tanks, FireworksPerryman, Jerome503-894-0468GDPL

Donahue, Brady

Welch, Marc



S-17Assemblies/Special EventsCoefield, Michelle503-823-3955PAS
S-18Assemblies/Special EventsHolland, Scott503-849-1567PAS
S-19Columbia WellfieldWaldier, Aaron503-849-1356C
S-92Port Inspections

Hill, Lani  

Roy, Ryan



S-93Moorage StandpipeSta. 6 & 17 assigned contact - Sean Whalen503-209-8109SPOP
S-95/S-96 (SRO)Unsprk. Hi-rise Res.Kosmas, Kim 503-823-3741PEO
S-913Chapter 13Springberg, Brian503-823-3763CEA
S-911Unsafe BuildingsSpringberg, Brian503-823-3763CEA
 Knox Box ProgramSpringberg, Brian503-823-3763CEA
ITMITM - Main Line 503-823-3993 

 Public Education & Outreach

Belmont Firehouse / Safety Learning CenterKim Kosmas503-823-3741PEO
PIO Assistant & Public EducationLaurent Picard503-349-8674PEO
Public Education Trudi Salisbury503-849-5696PEO
Youth Firesetting Intervention ProgramPEO503-823-3741PEO

 FMO Training

FMO TrainingHarrell, JonTraining Coordinator503-679-2371


CEA TeamSilva, MatthewDist. 2,5,6,13,14, Public Safety Group503-522-8525
CEB TeamStanley, WendyDist.  1,3,7,10,11, Institutions, Gideon 500.36, CH971-334-3725
CEC TeamBrock, RoseDist. 4,8,9,12, Wellfield, Referrals503-349-5171
Plan ReviewGalvan, JeffBDS Plans Supervisor, Address503-209-8404
ITMJennings, PaulITM Supervisor503-849-1315
Gideon PlansSilva, MichaelGideon Plans Supervisor503-793-4641
Public EdKosmas, KimPublic Ed, Youth FS, Belmont Museum, Unsprk. Hi/Mid-rise Res., Firewise Prog.503-793-6035

Assistant Fire Marshals

Asst. FMBirch, JasonPlans, HazMat, ITM, CivicGov Program503-849-1563
Asst. FM Kimmons, TerryCode Enf., Training, Harbor Master, Public Assembly503-867-0081