Face Covering Directive for City Facilities and Vehicles

Effective July 28, 2021, Portland CAO Tom Rinehart has issued a directive mandating the use of face coverings for everyone inside City facilities and vehicles. Check our face coverings page for more information.

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Certificate of Fitness Test & Certificate Holders Information

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Government issued photo ID will be required at the time of testing. Passing score for all exams is 75%.

Oregon law requires anyone working for compensation in a construction activity involving improvements to real property to be licensed with the Oregon Construction Contractors Board (CCB) or working for a licensed contractor.

Fire extinguisher refilling, service or repair: 25 questions – based on:

  • NFPA 10, 2018 edition, Standard for Portable Fire Extinguishers

Privately owned underground fire mains or hydrant systems installation, alteration, testing, service or repair: 45 questions – based on:

Automatic sprinkler system installation, alteration, testing, service or repair: 45 questions – based on:

Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems (does not cover installations, alterations or repairs): 45 questions – based on:

  • NFPA 25 2017 edition, Water-Based Fire Protection Systems

Fixed fire extinguishing systems installations, alteration, testing, service or repair: 40 questions – based on:

  • Portland Fire Code (PFC) 2016 edition, Section 904 - Alternative Fire-Extinguishing Systems
  • NFPA 17 2017 edition, Standard for Dry Chemical Extinguishing Systems
  • NFPA 17A 2017 edition, Standard for Wet Chemical Extinguishing Systems
  • NFPA 96 2017 edition, Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations
  • NFPA 2001 2018 edition, Standard on Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems

Commercial cooking hood and duct system cleaning: 25 questions – based on:

  • NFPA 96, 2017 edition

Tests are Open Book

All materials will be provided during the test.

No outside materials or electronic devices will be allowed.

Exams and testing process may be subject to change without notice.

Tests can be taken Monday – Friday, 8am – 1:30pm:
1300 SE Gideon St. Portland, OR 97202

Each certificate type costs $45 for the first year. Yearly renewal of a certificate is $30 per certification type. The Fire Marshal’s Office will mail a reminder letter approximately 1 month before certificate expiration date.

If you do NOT pass the test, you must wait 7 days before testing again. There’s no fee for taking the test unless / until you pass the test.

 Certificate holders


Fire Permit Center

Portland Fire and Rescue