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Assembly event floor plans

Permit applications for an assembly event must include a floor plan.

The following information is required on all floor plans and must be clearly indicated

  • Event name and dates of actual operation.
  • Name of each area to be used (Hall, Room, Parking Lot, etc.)
  • Location and use of all bulk spaces.
  • Location of Fire Access Lanes – minimum 11 ft. wide.
  • Location and approximate square footage of bark mulch, dust or chips.

Location and dimensions, in feet and inches, plus total square footage, of each area, including

  • Stages
  • Display areas
  • Booths
  • Islands
  • Registration desks
  • Food carts or food booths
  • Motor vehicles
  • Operating machinery
  • Hazardous operations
  • Any other items set up in any lobby or floor area

Location and dimensions, drawn to scale, of

  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Aisles
  • Exits
  • Barriers

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